Kourtney Kardashian Shares Bikini Pic Taken by Mason & People 'Feel Bad' for Him

kourtney kardashian
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There's no denying it: Kourtney Kardashian is one hot motha. On Wednesday, Kourtney posted a bikini shot of herself whilst lounging on the beach to Instagram, because #Wednesday, and naturally, the compliments rolled in left and right (because #Kourtney). As with all things Kardashian-centric though, some people had snide things to say about the vacation pic -- especially about the fact that son Mason took Kourtney's photo

  • "Photo by Mason," Kourtney wrote alongside the shot of her looking forlornly at the sea.

    While some people were impressed with budding photographer Mason's skills, others weren't feeling it. 

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  • One user "couldn't" with Mason taking Kourt's pic. 

  • Another seemed to sarcastically comment that "that's what kids are for."

  • One commenter even said that they "feel bad" for Kourtney's kids. 

    Because only a monster would take their child on vacation. 

  • @rzalowain wasn't impressed with Mason's skills and recommended Kourt use a professional. 


  • Annnnd one said, "This is why I need kids." 

    It's true. Kids do little more than take their parents' photos all day. 

  • And finally, one straight called Kourt a liar, insinuating that her boyfriend -- Younes Bendjima -- took the photo. 

  • Regardless of what the Kardashians post, they're always going to get heat from random people. 

    But they're the ones lounging on the beach while other people stare at their phones at home. So yeah. We doubt the criticism gets to them too much.