Meghan Markle Is 'Glowing' the Week Before Her Wedding So Obviously She Must Be Pregnant

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry
Zak Hussein/Splash News

It's no secret that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry want to start their family sooner rather than later, but is it possible that a new little cousin for Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Price Louis is already on the way? According to insiders close to the soon-to-be duchess, the short answer is yes. 

  • Yup, according to In Touch magazine, one of Meghan's pals has confided that she's already expecting her first baby with Prince Harry. 

    "Meghan's been nauseous," shared an insider, who will probably lose their invitation to the wedding if Meg finds out she was sharing secrets with the tabloids. Anyway, the source added, "Her skin is glowing and pals have spotted Harry affectionately touching her belly."

    Glowing skin! She must be pregnant. 

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  • And of course they're keeping it hush-hush because even in 2018, it still may be frowned upon in the royal family to be expecting before tying the knot. 

    "Although it's tradition to wait until tying the knot before having babies, Harry's always been a rule breaker and Meghan can feel her biological clock ticking, so they've already stopped using contraception," the source explained. "They've been trying for a baby for a few months."


  • It's true the Prince Harry has always had a bit of a rebel streak, something he seems to share with his bride-to-be. 

    While the insider admitted that "the queen would freak out if Meghan was pregnant before the wedding," they also said that she's been freaked out about fulfilling her "duty" as a royal wife to procreate. 

    According to the source, "Meghan has felt a tremendous responsibility to get pregnant. She's been panicked because she doesn't want to disappoint Harry, the queen and the whole royal family."

  • OK, we're taking this pregnancy report with a giant grain of salt -- as exciting as it would be. 

    We highly doubt that Meghan is pregnant right now, glowing skin or not. Maybe, just maybe, she's radiating joy because she's about to join her life with the man she loves. Just a thought.