Reports Jamie Foxx Is 'Living a Double Life' Raises Questions About Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx
Lester Cohen/Getty Images for NARAS

Well, this is interesting ... Reports are surfacing that Jamie Foxx is "living a double life," which is pretty tea-worthy, considering Jamie and Katie Holmes have been dating (allegedly) for a few years now.

  • Katie and Jamie have been linked together for many years now.

    Outlets are "blaming" Tom Cruise for Katie and Jamie's secrecy, as there's rumored to be a clause in Tom and Katie's divorce that prevents her from going public with a lover for a certain period of time.

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  • These two don't appear to be losing any steam, as photogs recently caught Jamie and Katie leaving dinner not once, but twice.

    Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx
    Felipe Ramales / Splash News; John Nacion / Splash News

    Katie and Jamie sparked pregnancy rumors after their dinner date in NYC back in April. The maybe couple later sent paparazzi in a frenzy on May 1 after cameras caught the pair again post-dinner.

  • Most assume "KatJam" are exclusive and want to keep out of the limelight for the sake of privacy.

    Definitely understandable given their celebrity.

  • But it appears Jamie might be "living a double life," which does raise questions about his reported romance with Katie Holmes.

    An insider alleges to In Touch that Jamie "has a wild streak" that includes chatting up pretty woman in Katie's absence, which doesn't sound good -- especially if these two don't have some type of understanding about "entertaining" other people.


  • "You wouldn't think he had a girlfriend from the way he was acting," an eyewitness told In Touch about Jamie's recent late-night actions.

    Jamie Foxx
    Photog Group / SPW / Splash News

    "He was out of his mind. He was so flirtatious," the sourced continued. "He was grabbing girls' hands, pulling them up close to him and dancing with them. Jamie obviously pretends to be a nice guy when he's with Katie, but she needs to watch out."

  • "Jamie wants to be young still," the insider claimed. "[He] doesn't want to sit at home. He's not ready. He wants to live his life."

    Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx
    XactpiX/Splash News; AdMedia/Splash News

    This of course is a far cry from Katie's desire not to stay out late. "When I go to an event, I leave at 10 p.m. because it's really important to me to be a mom that is dependable," the former Dawson's Creek star revealed to Modern Luxury in 2016.

  • Obviously, all of this is just speculation ... but we're hoping it's not true.

    Katie and Jamie need to happen, assuming they aren't already a thing.

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