Ronnie Ortiz-Magro's Girlfriend Jen Called a 'Gold Digger' Amid Reports They're Back Together

Jersey Shore Ronnie Ortiz-Magro with Jen Harley

Guess time -- or a few weeks in this case -- does heal all wounds. Word on the street is that Jersey Shore star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro reconciled with his girlfriend after the tumultuous drama known as their lives played out on and off the cameras.

  • Ronnie and Jen Harley appear to be on again, at least for now.

    "They're trying to make it work for the sake of their daughter," an unnamed source told Us Weekly about Ronnie and Jen giving it another go. The couple welcomed their little girl, Ariana Sky, on April 3.

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  • This is quite the news, considering these two split on April 30 after some pretty serious drama unfolded.

    You really couldn't script this.

  • Let's see, first Ronnie got caught cheating on then-pregnant Jen on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

    "It's hard having a kid on the way and being with someone that you're not sure you should be with," Ronnie Ortiz-Magro confessed on the show after his indiscretion. "It's hard to just constantly say 'No, no, no, no' when it's like, every girl in the club wants to talk to you. It's like being in the money machine and the money is just flying everywhere and you're just trying to grab all of it. That's what it like. What, you're just going to stand there? No, you're going to try to grab all the money."

  • Then, days after the episode aired, Ronnie and Jen got in a heated Instagram war that took a turn for the physical.

    Ronnie accused Jen of cheating on him and still holding on to an old sex tape she made with her ex. (Yikes.) Jen quickly fired back by accusing Ronnie of being a "coke head," which definitely turned up the heat. (Double yikes.) Sadly, the drama between these two didn't stop there, as Jen's Instagram Live video caught glimpses of her and Ronnie's physical altercation, which was pretty scary. "... Put your f**king hands on me again ... I dare you ... I f**king dare you!" Ronnie screamed at Jen during the video footage before he approached her and tried to take her phone, People reported.

  • Yet, through all that, it seems these two are going to give it another go.

    Guess love does find a way.

  • And folks are confused AF.

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    You already know how these comments are going to go.

  • People feel Ronnie and Jen's relationship is "toxic."

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  • And they think Jen is a "gold digger" for sticking around.

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    Yikes ...

    In all seriousness (no disrespect to Ron), it's not like he has Oprah money -- so Jen likely isn't sticking with him for his coinage.

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  • Maybe these two can get it together for the sake of their daughter?

    Then again, you don't have to stay with the parent of your child in order to be able to co-parent like bosses. Sometimes, staying in a situation that creates so much drama does more harm than good. (Just some food for thought.)