Pink's Response to a Critic Attacking Her 'Old' Looks Is So Savage -- & So Pink

Pink with son Jameson
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There are certain celebs you really don't want to come for ... and this is one of them. Someone actually thought it was a good idea to attack Pink for her looks. And when we say this mama made time in her day to respond, believe us.

  • Some poor soul thought saying Pink looks "so old" would score some cool points on Twitter.

    "[She] should be named Purple instead."

    ... That's not even funny.

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  • But little did he or she know that Alecia Moore cleared her schedule to deliver the perfect response.

    Pink might be one of the "most beautiful women" around, but homegirl can deliver one of the most beautiful clapbacks we've ever seen.

  • And we're sooo here for it!

    Shut it down, Pink. Shut it down.


  • Pink's response has her followers giving handclaps of praise.

    It's pretty good.

  • 'Cause this here kind of foolishness has no place in 2018.

    As if women don't have enough pressure on them as is, we really need to spend time criticizing Pink about her looks of all things??

  • Keep messing with the bull, and you're gonna get the horns. 

    Y'all know Pink lives an unfiltered life. Leave her be.

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