Jessa Duggar & Ben Seewald Accused of Taking Advantage of Her Elderly Grandmother

Jessa and Ben
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Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald are the latest of the Duggar family to be involved in a financial scandal, but they're hardly the first. After all of the claims that have been made about other family members taking advantage of people for financial gain, shouldn't they know better?

  • Ben and Jessa are being accused of taking advantage of her grandma, who gave them an incredible gift last year.

    The Counting On couple has been living on some land that Jessa's grandma Mary sold them less than a year ago for just $1. According to Radar Online, now they're selling it for more than $200,000, which doesn't even include the $100,000 house that sits on the land!

    The pair live only feet away from Highway 49, a dangerous and busy highway. "Perfect for a new business to catch traffic from all directions," the description on Zillow reads. "With approx. 200 of I-49 frontage, you will be seen." A deadly crash took place on the highway in February, causing fans to express concern over the family's living arrangement, especially since they have two young sons, Spurgeon, 2, and Henry, 1.

    So, not only are they being accused of taking advantage of Jessa's grandmother to make money, they're being accused of selling a dangerous piece of land to do it. 

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  • Jessa isn't the first Duggar to be accused of shady financial dealings. 

    Jessa's sister Jill and her husband Derick Dillard have done some questionable things in the past, too. They've asked fans for financial support on multiple occasions, tried to get donations on YouTube, have been accused of using donated funds to go on vacation, and have even asked fans to buy them gift cards. Jill even had her qualifications as a midwife called into question, so we wonder if she was earning that money in good faith. 

  • Jill and Derick claimed they were asking for money for their mission to El Salvador, but fans had some serious questions. 

    Jill and her husband Derek raised money for their mission in Central America, but during that two-year period, they took several trips back to the United States. That left some people feeling like the donations they made weren't being used in the most appropriate way. Things got worse from there. It turns out that the pair were rejected as missionaries by the Southern Baptist Convention and the International Mission Board and didn't even have the support of their own home church. They don't have the education or qualifications necessary to undertake this kind of work. The people who donated had to be left wondering what they had gotten into. 

  • Maybe Ben and Jessa really need the money, if Derick's claims about TLC's paychecks are for real.

    Derick Dillard (Jill Duggar's husband) claims that he was never compensated for his time on Counting On. They cut ties with him after he was accused of bullying a transgender teen online -- a teen with a show on the same network, TLC. Why would he do the show for free? He says he was forced to

    Whatever the reason for the sale, it's Ben and Jessa's business. They just shouldn't be surprised when people start accusing them of scamming others -- even their own grandmother. 

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