Blake Lively's Cryptic 'Family' Pic Addresses Those Recent Divorce Rumors

Jackson Lee/Getty Images

blake lively met gala
Jackson Lee/Getty Images

Well, Blake Lively sure likes to keep her fans guessing. There was her weird Instagram behavior the other day, in which she unfollowed husband Ryan Reynolds. Then she dared attend the Met Gala solo. Both things got tongues wagging that her marriage is clearly in trouble, and divorce for the mega couple is most certainly on the horizon. Well, based on her most recent Instagram pic, we think that Ms. Lively has heard the fans crying. 

  • Blake Lively just shared this eerie photo on Instagram. 

    Sure, the overall tone of this Insta shot certainly conveys a creepy and haunting feeling, with the shadow of her spiky headpiece from the Met Gala the other night. Let's look a little closer still. 

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  • Look! It's a closeup of the backside of small, sparkly clutch Blake carried to the Met Gala.

    Absolutely gorgeous! And what do we see there? That's a "B" for Blake, a "J" for daughter James, an "I" for daughter Ines, and an unquestionable "R Reynolds." Yep, it's all spelled out for us, people.

    Blake's caption is quite simply: "Take your family to work day..."

    Awww, nothing creepy going on here at all!


  • This is Blake Lively quite plainly stating that her marriage and family are solid AF.

    blake lively met gala
    Kevin Tachman/Getty

    We can all stop fretting and crying now. 

  • Awww, Blake + Ryan 4-Ever!