Matt Roloff's Girlfriend Caryn Chandler: 7 Things to Know About the New Woman in His Life

Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler
Matt Roloff/Facebook

Little People, Big World fans can't help but be nosy when it comes to exes Amy and Matt Roloff and their new relationships. People have been doing their best to get the skinny about Amy's boyfriend Chris Marek, and now, it's Matt Roloff's girlfriend Caryn Chandler's turn. Here are seven things to know.

  • 1. She's worked on Roloff Farms for close to a decade.

    Did you know that Caryn Chandler has been the Roloff Farms manager since 2011? It's true! She's been in both Matt and Amy's life for quite some time, which likely made her new romance with the LPBW patriarch very interesting.

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  • 2. She has a lot in common with Matt.

    No shade to Amy Roloff, but it looks like Matt and Caryn seem to be a nicely matched pair. "We enjoy the same sort of social settings, and company, and friendship," Matt once admitted about Caryn on an episode of LPBW. "Amy and I didn't have that. It's different. This is a really neat person that's full of life and I think she's cute."

  • 3. She was married for close to 20 years.

    Matt and Amy Roloff aren't the only two who had a pretty long go at being husband and wife. Caryn and her ex Joseph Chandler were married for close to 20 years before he filed for divorce in September 2012. Rumor has it Caryn's split from her husband was a bit "nasty."

  • 4. She's a mom.

    With all eyes on the Roloff family kids, it's easy to forget that Caryn has a daughter named Brittany who's about to graduate from college. She also has a teenage son.

  • 5. But you won't see Caryn's kids on the show.

    Remember that whole "nasty" split from her husband thing? Welp, it appears Caryn's ex-hubby had an issue with their children appearing on LPBW -- so much so, he got a judgment in 2013 to keep their kids away from cameras. "Mother will not take [redacted] to her employer's property without Father's permission," the court order reads, as Radar Online reports.

    Guess that means no Take Your Child to Work Day.

  • 6. She gets along with Matt's kids.

    Whether she's hanging out with Matt's son and daughter-in-law Zach and Tori, or getting the thumbs-up from Matt's other daughter-in-law Audrey Roloff (who confessed on this season of LPBW that she really likes Caryn), it definitely appears that the Roloff kids get along with Matt's girlfriend.

  • 7. Amy's feelings about Caryn raise questions.

    If you follow Matt or Amy on social media, then you already know the constant questions Roloff fans ask about their new relationships -- specifically, whether or not Matt and Caryn got together before the ink officially dried on his divorce papers. Amy Roloff's feelings toward Caryn also make it a little difficult not to suspect something might've happened during her marriage.

    During a LPBW episode, Amy expressed how difficult it is to be around Caryn. "It is hard for me to say, 'Yeah, go ahead and invite Caryn,' because it is someone I've known for a long time. Matt's worked with her for many, many years, and that will always hurt to some degree, but it's something that I will have to be an adult about it," she said about inviting Caryn to Audrey's baby shower. "It doesn't mean I have to embrace it and accept it personally..."