Matt Roloff Accused of Trying to Take 'Credit' for Amy's Business

Matt Roloff
Matt Roloff/Facebook

Talk about spicy shade! Matt Roloff's salsa post has Little People, Big World fans feeling some kind of way. Seriously, folks are pissed and are blaming Matt for trying to take credit for something his ex-wife Amy worked hard to create. (Yikes.)

  • In case you can't tell, Matt is thrilled to see Roloff Farms salsa in the grocery store.

    "Tori and Jackson pointed out last week at @toriroloff ... our Roloff Farm Pumpkin salsa has been promoted to right smack dab in the middle of the store in the All Natural area ... (at markets in our area)," Matt Roloff wrote in his Facebook post. "No more spending hours trying to find it. If it's not already at your local store be sure to ask for at any @krogerco brand store. It's delicious and healthy!"

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  • A number of Little People, Big World fans aren't happy with Matt referring to the salsa as "ours" instead of giving Amy credit.

    Amy Roloff always has a hustle going on -- promoting her breads, salsas, and other treats for fans of the show and hungry folk alike to enjoy.

  • And are letting him have it.

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    You know folks are pissed when they bring Matt Roloff's girlfriend Caryn into the mix. (Oof.)

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  • Roloff fans demand Matt give Amy the credit she deserves.

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  • Who knew salsa could be so controversial?

    Whether Matt helped on the marketing side or not at all (we kinda doubt that, seeing as Matt is very involved in the farm), no one really knows the extent -- so why judge?