Amy Roloff's Post Sparks Accusations Her Boyfriend Chris Is 'Just in It for the Money'

Amy Roloff
Amy Roloff/Facebook

Here we go again. Amy Roloff's new post was meant to stir up happy feels, as it captures a sweet Roloff family moment. Sadly, some Little People, Big World fans can't seem to let this mom enjoy her second act, and they're taking some serious digs at Amy's boyfriend Chris Marek.

  • Amy is all smiles with her son Jacob and his soon-to-be wife Isabel.

    Y'all might want to frame this.

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  • "Enjoying a little sunshine and hanging out with these two ..." the reality star mom shared on Facebook.

    "... Isabel helped me take a few videos and photos for my book web page. Fun afternoon," Amy Roloff continued in her Facebook post.

  • For the most part, Roloff fans are here for Amy's happiness and her loving moments with her family.

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    No more "where's Jacob Roloff?" questions. He's present and accounted for.

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  • Others, however, just had to find a way to rope in Amy's boyfriend Chris -- who wasn't even there -- and ready their jabs.

    Amy Roloff and Chris Marek have been dating since 2016, but they still seem to turn heads, as fans often question his motives. 

  • Folks are still upset with how Chris treated Amy on a recent Little People, Big World episode.

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    Amy's road trip with Chris during the May 1 episode started off great, but took at turn for the unexpected after the two seemingly argued in a restaurant, which resulted in Chris taking off for a period of time.

  • And fans accuse the Roloff matriarch's man of being "in it for the money" and possibly being gay.

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    Um, what the freak?

  • Yes ... we're going there ...

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    You guys went left field with this one.

  • People really don't seem to like Chris, and they feel like they see the writing on the wall.

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    ... Yeah, they don't seem to like him at all.

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  • It is too much to ask to give Chris the benefit of the doubt?

    First off, Chris Marek makes his own money. Second, some fans are really (really) reaching with this speculation that Amy Roloff's boyfriend Chris is gay. Like, seriously, those two are constantly on each other. (Cut the crap.)

    Who knows if Amy Roloff's relationship will last (maybe it will, and maybe it won't), but all of us can step back and let these two live.