Matt Roloff Is Reportedly Moving Off the Farm to Live With His Girlfriend Caryn

Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler
Matt Roloff/Facebook

Remember when Matt Roloff gave an update about the house he planned to flip? Well, there could be a chance he'll keep it for himself ... and a certain important woman in his life. Reports are surfacing that Matt Roloff is leaving the farm to move in with his girlfriend Caryn Chandler. And let's just say this bit of Roloff family news is getting a mixed reaction from Little People, Big World fans.

  • Matt seems quite pleased with his newly renovated three-bedroom, two-bathroom home in Portland that he purchased last year.

    "After many crazy ups and down I've finally gotten this little gem all painted and fixed up," Matt Roloff recently shared on Facebook. "I can't wait to show you a video of the inside final touches."

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  • This project has been a labor of love.

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    If you follow Matt on social media, you know he's been working hard on this house.

  • And this could very well become his and girlfriend Caryn Chandler's new home.

    Outlets claim Matt is ready to move into this house, estimated to be worth around $500,000, and that Caryn will likely following suit.

  • "It's tough thinking about spending an eternity here with Amy," Matt revealed during a recent LPBW episode about living on the farm with his ex.

    "I don't like the fact that I live in a house that's not a good fit for me. It's not fair for me. I'm stuck at that house. Now that I'm divorced I just want my own path away from Amy," he continued about living 500 feet away from ex-wife Amy Roloff. "The fact that I'm living on the same property as my ex-wife, it's very, very bizarre."

  • A number of Roloff fans are celebrating the recent reports and are happy for Matt and Caryn.

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    Yay for happy and supportive comments.

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  • Others, however, aren't jumping for joy and can't help but express their feels.

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    Matt Roloff's girlfriend just can't catch a break.

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    Be nice.

  • Honestly, we're not 100 percent sold on Matt moving off the farm. But if he is planning on doing so, we wish him (and Caryn) the best.

    Matt is way too invested in Roloff Farms to just move away.