Kylie Jenner's New Photo of Baby Stormi Raises Questions About Her Paternity Again

Kylie Jenner

Stormi Webster is one seriously cute baby, which honestly isn't that surprising, considering that her mom is the stunning Kylie Jenner. However, the 20-year-old mama's new photo of her little darling has fans questioning Stormi's paternity. And no, they don't think Tyga is the father. 

  • Ky posted this impossibly adorable pic of her and Stormi.

    She didn't add a caption, and fans were quick to gush over how cute the pair look in their matching white outfits. We also love this fresh-faced look that she's been sporting lately -- she looks stunning!

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  • But it wasn't long before we noticed a trend in the comments about Stormi ... people have a theory that Travis Scott isn't really Stormi's dad.

    We've heard the rumors that Tyga is actually Stormi's dad, but we had no idea that people suspected her bodyguard of fathering the baby girl. And apparently, it's a thing.

  • There are a lot of people convinced that Kylie's bodyguard is Stormi's real dad.

  • Comment after comment rolled in.


  • The crazy thing is, it was rumored a couple of years ago that Ky had dumped Tyga for her hot bodyguard.

    She posted two photos of the gent on her Instagram a couple of years ago during one of the times she and Tyga were on the outs. Maybe we were all so hopeful that they'd break up that we read way too much into it, but it did seem pretty telling that she included him twice on her social media posts.

  • And honestly, we can see how people might see a resemblance. 

    However, we're inclined to believe that any similarities in their features are completely coincidental. Besides, Stormi looks a lot more like her mama than anything -- something we're sure to see more of as she grows up.