Jessa Duggar's Latest Video of Henry Has Fans Worried for His Health

Henry Seewald

Jessa (Duggar) Seewald just shared an adorable video of her boys playing outside, which means that haters have comes out in droves to judge her parenting. Is it even a day ending in "Y" if one of the Duggars isn't being called a terrible parent over something kind of ridiculous?

  • The mom of two shared a cute video of Spurgeon, 2, and Henry, 1, exploring the great outdoors.

    And by outdoors, we mean a paved pathway and grassy area. Ben Seewald's wife captioned the sweet clip, "Toddlers ... So cute to watch them discover all the little details in their world!"

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  • It took no time at all for people to get upset about Henry's lack of shoes.

    It's not the first time people have had a cow over Jessa's shoeless children. Just over a year ago, fans went nuts over Jessa and Ben's Easter photos of the boys because they weren't wearing shoes. They were 17 months old and 2 months old at the time. Last fall, fans got enraged again when Jessa took the boys shopping -- again without shoes

  • God forbid a child be outside barefoot.

    Although given the nature of the Internet and how much people love to hate on this family, we have a feeling she'd be criticized if she had her new walker in shoes. 

  • At least she put Spurgeon in shoes for this video, but to some people that just means she should know better.

    Maybe Henry won't wear shoes? Have any of these commenters ever raised a toddler? Sometimes moms have to pick their battles. It's not like she was sending him to toddle over hot lava or broken glass. 

  • Someone even warned that Henry might have to have a toe amputated due to the dangers of bare feet.

    We feel really bad for this woman and her daughter, but the possibility of that happening is so rare that it hardly seems worth keeping your kiddos in a bubble. Freak accidents happen. We shouldn't base our parenting decisions on them. Jessa does a good job making sure her boys are safe -- shoes or not. 

  • Thankfully, some people had common sense and defended Henry's naked baby toes. 

    Barefoot is fine and fun! And helping with Henry's balance as he's still mastering the fine art of walking and running. People just love to have opinions -- especially about Jessa Duggar and her family.