Matt Roloff's House Update Has Fans Pissed at Amy & Her Boyfriend Chris

Matt Roloff
Matt Roloff/Facebook

Roloff fans have sensed tension between Amy and Matt for some time, and if you watch Little People, Big World, it's kinda evident. One topic of discussion that often comes up is the Roloff family farm, as the former married couple live 500 feet away from each other on the property. Well, Matt Roloff just gave a home update, and fans are quite upset -- advising the reality star to fight for his farm.

  • Matt took to Instagram to share this pic of his freshly renovated house.

    "After many crazy ups and down I've finally gotten this little gem all painted and fixed up. I can't wait to show you a video of the inside final touches," Matt Roloff writes in his Instagram post.

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  • And Roloff fans are afraid he's leaving the farm for good.

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    This isn't the first time fans were concerned about Matt and speculated he's leaving the farm.

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  • Others are pissed (very pissed) at the thought of Amy and her boyfriend Chris taking over.

    Little People, Big World lovers recently called out Amy Roloff for letting boyfriend Chris Marek "stay" in the family home on the farm.

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  • And they think Matt needs to "take back his farm."

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    Folks really feel some kind of way about Amy Roloff and her boyfriend.

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  • Before anyone else loses a gasket, just know this house is a property purchased to possibly flip.

    The former work in progress has been a project Matt Roloff and girlfriend Caryn Chandler talked about some time ago that finally seems to be complete.

  • Who knows if Matt will make the decision to leave the farm. But for now, it appears he's only adding to his real estate portfolio.

    So calm down (LOL).