Will Prince Louis Make an Appearance at Prince Harry's Wedding? Here's What We Know

prince louis
Jack Taylor/Stringer/Getty Images

Now that Prince Louis is here, the world is just waiting to see more and more of him. With Uncle Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding coming up on May 19, some may think this would be the perfect opportunity to dress the newborn up in a cute little suit and send him down the aisle in a pram pushed by Princess Charlotte and Prince George. That doesn't seem likely, however. Chances are that Prince Louis isn't going to the wedding.  

  • Since Louis will only be a few weeks old, it's recommended he doesn't hang out with large crowds. 

    Doctors have said that keeping newborns from a lot of people is best. There are just too many germs out there for a little one. Besides, the noise and commotion may also be too much. Louis will not even be four weeks old by May 19, so chances are high that Kate Middleton will keep the royal baby out of sight. So sadly, probably no baby in pram photos. 

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  • All eyes should be on Meghan and Harry anyway.

    Besides, baby Louis will probably steal the spotlight too much. Okay, okay. We all know that's not the case. There can be multiple spotlights, especially when it comes to this royal family. There is truly so much excitement happening! 


  • What roles will Prince George and Princess Charlotte have?

    We know that Prince William is Harry's best man, but we wonder what the roles of Prince George and Princess Charlotte will be? If the princess wave Charlotte gave when walking into the Lindo Wing on her way to meet her baby brother is any indication, we can expect a ton of cuteness. 

  • Kate's duties are aplenty. 

    While Kate doesn't technically have an official duty in the wedding of Harry and Meghan, she is close with both of them. Plus, with her husband as best man and with her older kids around, she's going to be very busy the day of. Taking care of a newborn is a job in itself. But we doubt Kate will be away from Louis for too long. We're guessing Louis will be onsite, but out of sight, so Kate can make her visits to him as often as she needs.