Blake Shelton Called a 'Hypocrite' for Suspected Miranda Lambert Dig

Gus Ruelas/REUTERS

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert
Gus Ruelas/REUTERS

Who needs a diss record when you can fire off using 280 characters (or less)? Blake Shelton's controversial "karma" tweet has all eyes on the 6'5" country star as he seemingly took a jab at his ex-wife Miranda Lambert. And when we say these interwebs are talking -- readying the popcorn -- believe us.

  • Miranda and Turnpike Troubadours musician Evan Felker are reportedly an item and have an origin story that's pretty suspect.

    Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert were married for seven years before divorcing in 2018 -- with Blake cozying up to Voice costar Gwen Stefani later that same year. (The couple have been together ever since.) Yeah, it was kind of a celebrity scandal.

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  • There are whispers that Miranda and Evan got together while she was still with her now-ex-boyfriend Anderson East.

    In addition to the speculation that Miranda Lambert cheated on Anderson with Evan, E! News also alleges that Anderson was Miranda's side dude while she was still married to Blake Shelton.

  • And there are reports that Evan might have stepped out on his wife to be with Miranda prior to his divorce filing. 

    Outlets are reporting Evan "ghosted" Staci Felker, his soon-to-be ex-wife, going MIA to spend time with Miranda. (Say what?)

  • Add all of this drama together, and it seems Blake had all he needed to inspire his possibly shady tweet.

    Quick, where's his Voice costar Adam Levine with a pic of his adorable girls? This is about to get petty and messy super fast!

  • Yeah ... things just got interesting, very interesting.

    As if celebrity divorces aren't messy enough, this spot of tea is out there -- like waaay over there.

  • The interwebs are calling out Blake for his side-eye of a tweet.

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    Let's just say the reaction to this tweetgate is going to get interesting.

  • And they're kindly reminding him of his alleged indiscretions and cheating ways.

    One of the biggest celebrity tragedies is that no one can seem to not cheat in a marriage.

  • Others suspect that the tweet in question is a dig at Anderson's "karma," *not* Miranda's.

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    We can see that.

  • Who the heck knows what's going on.

    We're just gonna sit back here and mind our business ... well, try.

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