Video of Prince George Flicking Princess Charlotte's Head Is the Gift That Keeps on Giving

BEN STANSALL/Contributor/Getty Images

Prince William, Prince George, Princess Charlotte
BEN STANSALL/Contributor/Getty Images

Aww, sweet little Prince George ... always looking so angelic ... at least until he flicked his sister on the head on the way to meet their new baby brother, that is. Yup, it looks like the heir to the British throne is just a normal little boy after all, which includes antagonizes his little sister. 

  • Prince William adorably took his older two children to visit their baby brother at St. Mary's Hospital on Monday, hours after the little made his appearance.

    Princess Charlotte completely stole the show with that little wave of hers -- or so we thought. It turns out that Georgie wasn't about to let his little sister get away with being quite so cute. 

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  • One observant Twitter user pointed out that George flicked his sister in the head just before the doors to the Lindo Wing closed behind them.

    We are dying! We knew George had a tendency to be a bit naughty, but this looks like a well-practiced move on his part. And he knew to wait until they were inside and away from the cameras to do it -- although he seems to have misjudged the timing a little bit.

  • Of course some people said that George was just trying to put his arm around Charlotte.

    Prince George, Princess Charlotte
    Mark Cuthbert/Contributor/Getty Images

    Um, his hand made direct contact with the back of her head, and then bounced off the top of it. It's pretty hard to call that an affectionate side-hug. But if people are happy believe that royal children are little darlings who never misbehave, we're not going to stop them.

    We like to think of them as normal kiddos though, who are more likely than not going to act out when a new sibling joins the family. Kate Middleton may have looked like a million bucks just hours after giving birth, but that doesn't mean she's immune from some of the same normal mom stuff that the rest of us mere mortals deal with. 

  • We seriously can't get enough of this cheeky little boy and his sister.

    Prince George, Princess Charlotte
    Chris Jackson/Staff/Getty Images

    We're so excited to get to know the new royal baby too -- and we're sure that big brother George is going to teach him the ropes of getting away with as much shenanigans as possible. Don't worry about Charlotte though -- we're sure she gives as good as she gets.