Amy Roloff Scolded for Letting Boyfriend Chris 'Stay' in the Family Home

Amy Roloff/Facebook

Chris Marek and Amy Roloff
Amy Roloff/Facebook

To say things are getting awkward on the Roloff family farm would be putting things mildly. Amy Roloff's motorcycle pic with her boyfriend has Little People, Big World fans feeling some kind of way about the couple and how "disrespectful" the Roloff matriarch is being to Matt.

  • Amy took to the 'Gram to share a look back at one of her motorcycle adventures with Chris Marek.

    "Can't wait to go motorcycle riding again w/ Chris soon when the weather is nicer. What a blast! " Amy Roloff writes in her Instagram post about an old bike ride adventure that recently played out on Little People, Big World. ".... We Did Have A Great Time! .... Life is good. Thank you so much for watching and all your support and encouragement. The best!"

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  • For the most part, Roloff fans are so here for Amy's second act with her man.

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    Amy and her boyfriend have been going strong since late 2016 and enjoy a relationship full of adventure -- like motorcycle rides and skydiving.

  • Others, however, feel Amy is being hella "disrespectful" to Matt Roloff as she still lives in the family home.

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  • ... and likely has Chris coming and going.

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    Matt Roloff has a girlfriend (Caryn, the farm manager) and a smaller house on the farm that's causing some issues -- both with fans and the reality star who's tired of his current digs.

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  • Folks really think Chris is "living off Matt's hard work" and don't want to see any parts of it.

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    Roloff fans want to know more about Chris Marek, Amy's boyfriend ... like whether he has a job (answer: he's a seasoned real estate agent), and if he's trying to mooch off Amy Roloff.

  • They also feel Amy isn't being fair to Matt by keeping the house, given his medical issues.

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    Matt Roloff's health has always been a concern.

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  • Seeing as Amy and Matt have an agreement about her living in the house, is Chris's coming over *really* an issue?

    Both Amy and Matt are in new relationships (and happy). It was a matter of time before their new loves would come over to the "big house" -- regardless of who decided to stay there -- so it's not really some crazy scandal. (Plus, it's not like the kids are younger and living in the house.)

    Maybe the time has come for everyone to move on?