Nikki Bella Accused of 'Never Loving' John Cena After Sharing 'Disrespectful' Post

John Cena and Nikki Bella
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Does an ex deserve shout-outs on special occasions? Welp, it seems the answer is a resounding hell yes, as Nikki Bella's John Cena "diss" is making rounds and has members of her own Bella Army calling out the WWE-wrestler-turned-reality-star in the craziest way.

  • Wrestler and actor John Cena celebrated his 41st birthday on April 23.

    John Cena
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    John Cena and Nikki Bella shocked Total Divas fans and the world alike when they got engaged last year. Sadly, their journey down the aisle was short-lived, as the couple recently announced their split earlier this month after six years of togetherness.

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  • And apparently, Nikki didn't have time in her day to give her former love a shout-out on the 'Gram.

    Instead, the 34-year-old former wrestling champ promoted her new Birdiebee apparel line that she cofounded with twin sister Brie Bella.

  • But her fans did and had no problem calling out the reality star.

    If you think folks weren't invested in these two's relationship, think again.

  • Nikki's fans quickly pointed out John's birthday.

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  • And they accused her of being "fake" and never loving him in the first place.

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    Oof. Was this act mandated in the 75-page contract John Cena made Nikki sign?

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  • They also think Nikki needs to show her former lover "some respect."

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  • As you can see, folks are *pissed* about John's birthday snub.

    Talk about people being a celebrity cheerleader for someone.

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  • Critics even took things a step further by flooding Nikki's Instagram post with happy birthday messages to John.

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    That's just savage, LOL.

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  • For the love of all things holy and our sanity ... Nikki and John AREN'T together. Therefore, she owes him NOTHING.

    Seriously, chill with acting like this is some colossal Hollywood tragedy.

  • Maybe Nikki sent John a text. Maybe she put a message on a raven's foot. Maybe she called him -- we don't know!

    Folks need to stop acting like life doesn't continue on outside of social media. Plus, last time we checked, it's not a commandment to contact your ex. Heaven knows people would assume Nikki and John are getting back together if she actually did put something up on Instagram.

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