Can We Please Stop Hating on Kate Middleton for Looking 'Too Pretty' After Giving Birth?

Max Mumby/Indigo/Contributor/Getty Images

Kate Middleton New Baby
Max Mumby/Indigo/Contributor/Getty Images

People just can't relate. After Kate Middleton wowed the world by looking drop-dead gorgeous a mere seven hours after giving birth to her third child, some are concerned that she's setting unrealistic standards for women. Yup, because apparently now duchesses aren't allowed to be pretty.

  • The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge introduced their new little boy to the world on Monday, April 23, hours after welcoming him in the delivery room.

    Prince William, Kate Middleton New Baby
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    Kate channeled Princess Diana when she posed for the same picture over 30 years ago with newborn Prince Harry. Diana also wore a red dress with a white collar, although hers had signature '80s flair with a giant floppy bow at the neck. Good fashion times.

    Anyway, Duchess Catherine looked absolutely stunning with her form-fitting red dress, nude high heels, perfect makeup, and flawless hair. While most people praised her as the magical unicorn she is, others couldn't help but criticize her for looking too good

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  • Kate's impeccable appearance was even said to be "problematic" for the image it sends to us mere mortal women.

    Um, what? We're pretty sure Kate wasn't forced against her will to do her hair and makeup and put on heels after giving birth. Maybe she just wanted to look pretty after the grueling work of pushing a human into the world. 

    There were many, many comments from others saying they just couldn't relate to the new mom, and that it's putting undue pressure on the rest of us. Someone commented, "Kate Middleton gave birth, got dressed up, put on makeup and waved to a nation mere hours later. I waited 4 hours just to straighten my hair this morning." 

    Another person added, "Kate Middleton had the baby 7 hours prior to this photo. She has a full face, hair and wardrobe done, and yes she looks great, but this should not be expected of women."

  • Why isn't Kate allowed to be pretty again?

    The woman is literally going to be the Queen of England someday, when her husband assumes the throne. She is not a mere mortal, so to speak, so why should she step out in a messy bun and dirty yoga pants?

    Kate has been in tip-top shape her entire life, and is one of those lucky women who seem to just get a little basketball belly even into their ninth month. Why would she be fat and puffy after the birth, when she was incredibly slim going into it? She even showed off her killer legs just a couple of weeks ago, and looked amazing. 

    Concealer, heels, the right outfit, and professional hair and makeup can cover up a world of post-birth mess, and we're not about to deny any of it to Kate Middleton, who literally will have these pictures splashed in the news for decades to come.


  • It's not the first time she looked amazing after having a baby, either. Did people miss her same-day appearance after the birth of her daughter?

    Kate Middleton Princess Charlotte Birth
    Anwar Hussein/Contributor/Getty Images

    This was about 10 hours after bringing Princess Charlotte into the world. Full hair and makeup. Beautiful dress. Heels. That killer smile. We'd smile too if we looked this good after giving birth. 

  • Or what about her firstborn?

    Prince William, Kate Middleton Prince George Birth
    Anwar Hussein/Contributor/Getty Images

    Granted, her heels seem to have gotten taller and dresses just a little tighter with each baby, but what mom doesn't become a veteran by the time kiddo number three rolls around? 

    Besides. Kate had professionals come in to do her hair and makeup. She had nearly 30 medical professionals looking out for her and her new baby boy, so she likely had time for a shower. And just because she isn't mentioning those giant mesh panties stuffed with ice packs we mamas love to wear after giving birth, doesn't mean she's not wearing them under those lovely dresses. 

    After all, she is human -- even if she does seem to have postpartum superpowers. We're just going to go ahead and remain in awe of this women, instead of sitting in petty judgment over her good looks.