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  • Fans were quick to question why Jill and Venessa were assisting with another birth.

    Yes, yes it is that lady. We're honestly having a hard time understanding why this woman is still practicing after losing her license. 

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  • It's possible that the birth took place in Oklahoma, where it's rumored that Giron took up shop after being barred from midwifery in Arkansas.

    The qualifications to become a Certified Professional Midwife (what Jill is, assuming she hasn't had her license revoked too), and a Certified Nursing Midwife are vastly different. The latter requires a four-year nursing degree and graduate work, the former only a non-accredited certificate. CPMs aren't even recognized in about half the states. 

  • Fans also pointed out that Jill doesn't even have the best history of birth when it comes to her own children.

    Jill ended up having emergency C-sections with both Israel and Sam, and was widely criticized for putting them in danger by not heading to the hospital soon enough. Baby Sam even had some complications after birth that may have resulted from his mom laboring too long on her own without medical intervention. 

  • It's a free country, and women are allowed to give birth however they see fit.

    We just hope that this little guy's mother wasn't hoodwinked into thinking she had qualified professionals caring for her during her labor and delivery. Think what you will about Jill, she does not have the education required to handle any sort of complications that may arise when a baby is entering the world.