Joanna Gaines Posts About Being Pregnant at 40 & People Are Here for It

Joanna Gaines selfie

Joanna Gaines has so much to celebrate! Back in January, the Fixer Upper star and her husband Chip made their heartwarming pregnancy announcement, sharing with the world that baby #5 was on the way. And yesterday, Joanna celebrated a big birthday!

  • Joanna took to Instagram to share this adorable shot of herself, writing, "This is 40. And I like it... #pregnantandforty #anddoughnuts."

    Yep, the Magnolia Homes co-owner, co-founder, and lead designer is now the big 4-0! 

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  • Commenters were loving everything about the post. Some sent her b-day wishes and sent straightforward props.

  • Others were psyched to tell her that turning 40 is fantastic ... and 50 is fairly amazing, as well.

  • Several moms chimed in to share that they too were pregnant at or around 40, and they loved it!

  • Joanna's post undoubtedly served as a reassurance for some women.

    After all, whether you struggle with getting pregnant or pregnancy loss, you're focused on your career and/or other responsibilities, or you were served a curveball that has delayed your baby-making timeline, many women who want kids aren't able to do so in their 20s or 30s. So, it's heartening to see Joanna ringing in the big 4-0 with a baby on the way.

  • As if fans needed even more reason to adore the HGTV star.

    Congrats and HBD, Joanna!