Carrie Underwood's Full-Face Selfie Criticized by Wary Fans

Taamallah / Splash News

carrie underwood
Taamallah / Splash News

Longtime fans of Carrie Underwood were finally treated to her triumphant return when the singer took the stage at the American Country Music Awards on Sunday, April 15. The occasion is particularly momentous because we haven't gotten a full-face interaction with her since she fell down her house's outside stairs back in November 2017. The 34-year-old country star had been taken to the hospital, where she'd received wrist surgery and over 40 stitches in her face, and she has since kept it pretty under wraps. 

  • One day before her big performance, Carried surprised fans with this selfie that showed her face in all its adorable glory.

    She captioned the cute pic:

    "Had a great rehearsal for the @acmawards ! Can't wait until tomorrow night!" 

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  • YAS GIRL. You are looking SO fierce!

  • While tons of people were excited to get to see her, a few were a bit confused because there is seemingly no evidence of a facial injury at all.

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  • Some harshly accused the star of overexaggerating her struggles ...

  • ... and even went as far as to call her vain for being so self conscious.

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  • There are even those who implied that Carrie "faked" her injuries for publicity's sake.


    While this isn't the first time she was accused, if it were true it'd be one heck of a celebrity scandal

  • Dang, people are vicious. 

  • Not everyone was ready to board the "I Hate Carrie" train, and some folks staunchly defended her.


    Celebrity accidents will heal over time, especially if they spent millions to help speed up the process.

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  • Instead of focusing on her face, how about we just celebrate the return of this powerhouse singer?

    It's great she's feeling good enough to be back in the public eye, and that's all that matters!