Jesse Williams's Ex Wants Increase to the $50K Monthly Child Support She Already Receives

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Jesse Williams
Andrew Schwartz/Splash News

When people call it quits, you can only hope for the best, including being able to co-parent should kids be involved. Sadly, the saga between a certain Grey's Anatomy star and his ex-wife continues to press on, as Jesse Williams's ex wants more child support in addition to the $50,000 a month she's receiving. And the reported details, if true, are pretty sad any way you slice it.

  • Aryn Drake-Lee reportedly filed new court documents alleging she pays "100 [percent] of the kids' bills right now" and needs more money.

    Jesse Williams and Aryn Drake-Lee
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    According to TMZ, Aryn's monthly expenses fall around $73,000, which includes tuition, extracurricular activities, child care, and other expenses for her and Jesse's two kids, daughter Sadie, 4, and son Maceo, 2.

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  • And with Jesse estimated to rake in $250K for each "Grey's Anatomy" episode, it's not hard to see why this doesn't look good.

    Jesse Williams
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    Entertainment Tonight reported last September that Jesse agreed to a one-time payment of $160,000 -- with $100,000 going toward his ex-wife's spousal support and their kids' child support, and the remaining $60,000 covering Aryn's attorney fees.


  • Things between these two haven't exactly been kosher since their 2017 split.

    Jesse Williams and Aryn Drake-Lee
    Tom Meinelt / Splash News

    Jesse and Aryn, who married back in 2012 after years of dating, have been involved in a pretty nasty custody dispute. A judge granted Jesse joint physical custody of his children after the famous single dad endured some serious accusations from his ex-wife -- including anger issues, a possible death threat toward a neighbor, and having multiple women around their children. (Yikes.)

  • But that's not stopping the good people of the Internet from chiming in and giving their two cents.

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    The reaction to this news has been interesting to say the least.

  • And some people think Aryn needs to "get a job" and fast.

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    This sounds a lot like Kevin Federline wanting increased child support from Britney Spears. (He gets $20,000 a month for their two kids.)

  • Hopefully these two can figure something out.

    Heaven knows we don't need another celebrity tragedy when it comes to co-parenting drama.

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