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  • And it seems Jessica Biel might be on the same page ... maybe.

    "Did he say that? Oh, that's interesting," Jessica Biel recently told Entertainment Tonight about hubby Justin's desire to expand their family and give their 3-year-old son Silas more siblings.

    "Kids are really really amazing. They're really hard, but they're really amazing. I think it would be amazing to have a bigger family. I don't know if that's in the cards for us, we'll see, but I'm feeling him. I don't know what that means exactly, but I like his dedication."

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  • Well ... OK!

    The J-Miester can probably work with that, LOL. Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are a cute couple and have one cute kid. (Granted, we don't get to see Silas's face, but we figure he has to be adorable.) 

  • J&J don't seem to be *completely* on the same page when it comes to having more kids.

    Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel
    Said Elatab / Splash News

    Jess's response is quite telling and makes us wonder if these two don't talk about this at home -- given Jessica Biel was kinda surprised at her man's request -- or if they do and she's just being coy for some reason. 


  • But they'll figure it out.

    Who knows, maybe they're trying to throw us off their scent.

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