12 Things to Know About Amy Roloff's Boyfriend Chris Marek

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek
Amy Roloff/Facebook

If there's one thing Little People, Big World fans LOVE to talk about, it's Amy Roloff and Chris Marek's relationship. These two have been dating since late 2016 and seem very happy and very in love. Chris and Amy constantly find themselves at the center of Roloff family news, with some speculating the reality star mom's main squeeze might have ulterior motives. But as with all new peeps who come along to the scene, trust will likely take some time. Here's a quick rundown on Amy Roloff's boyfriend, Chris Marek.

  • Chris has never been married.

    It looks like we have an ineligible bachelor on our hands. Outlets are reporting that Chris has never been married, which is quite the accomplishment considering he's 54. Who knows if he'll take the plunge with Amy.

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  • He retired his "player badge."

    Little People, Big World fans will likely be happy to know that Amy Roloff's boyfriend hung up his "player badge" a long time ago (LOL). Chris Marek had some fun talking about his past bachelor days with a friend on Facebook, which kinda reiterates how much of a one-woman man he is.

  • He professed his love for Amy on social media.

    It ain't official until it's on Facebook! Chris cemented his relationship with Amy last December by updating his relationship status on social media. Sorry, ladies, but this guy is taken.

    (PS: Don't ask us why he did it a year after he and Amy started dating. We have no clue.)

  • He might be a potato man.

    Chris might have decades under his belt living in the northwest, but he could have a special place in his heart for potatoes, as he went to Lewiston Senior High in Lewiston, Idaho.

  • Chris is into real estate.

    Amy Roloff might be able to upgrade her digs should she ever decide to move off the farm! Word is that Chris Marek is pretty seasoned in the real estate game, boasting close to 20 years' experience. And it seems he's not too shabby at his job, as Chris has five-star reviews on Zillow.

  • He's not the only Chris Marek in the real estate game.

    What are the odds? Chris might be a seasoned real estate agent around Portland, Oregon, but he's not the only Chris Marek selling houses. There also happens to be a Chris Marek real estate agent in South Carolina.

    Hmm, wondering if he's dating someone named Amy?

  • He's all about adventure.

    Hiking. Riding motorcycles. Mile-long walks. Amy Roloff's boyfriend seems to love adventure, as the couple is always off on some journey together.

  • Chris has a good eye.

    In addition to his real estate talents, Chris Marek apparently is a photographer, too. Wonder how many pics of Amy Roloff and their relationship he's taken.

  • He's a non-conformist.

    Talk about living on the wild side (haha). Chris caught heat for wearing purple during St. Patrick's Day instead of the traditional green, which had some Roloff fans asking "what the hell's wrong with him?"

  • Amy's friends seem to like him.

    Chris is often present and accounted for in many of Amy's pics with her friends -- getting together at her house, going out on the town, and even taking vacations together -- which could be a sign they like him.

  • And her family, too.

    Doesn't Chris look chummy with the Roloff family? While the jury still might be out on a few members of the Little People, Big World clan, it seems Amy's beau gets along just fine with her kiddos. 

  • Chris and Matt Roloff are cool.

    If you were hoping for Amy's ex-husband Matt Roloff and Chris Marek to square up, you'll be waiting for quite some time. Chris admits they get along, which is pretty good news considering how awkward the situation could be. "To be honest, Amy was concerned in the beginning about how Matt and I might interact, but no concerns about that now," Marek once revealed to Radar Online. "Everything is good. Matt and I get along just fine."