Queen Elizabeth Takes a Hilarious Jab at an Unlikely Subject

Zak Hussein/Splash News

queen elizabeth
Zak Hussein/Splash News

At the heels of turning 92, Queen Elizabeth continues to prove she is sharp as a tack and that being royal must also come with a fountain of youth and the ability to recite perfect one-liners. Proof can be seen in this clip of The Queen’s Green Planet, an ITV documentary that premiers on April 16 in the UK. We're in awe of her cheeky side and just whom she chooses to be the subjects of her jab.

  • Her Royal Highness has a bit of fun at the president's expense.

    Check her out -- as she walked around with Sir David Attenborough, talking about safeguarding forests, she was stopped in her tracks by a loud helicopter. 

    “Sounds like President Trump. Or President Obama.”    

    It's as if she really wanted to say, Oh those American leaders ... so loud and intrusive! 

    Could this be a new royal family scandal? Nah, just jokes.

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  • Her wit cannot be understated.

    We love her little jab and how she's such an environmentalist. And clearly that remark was made in jest. (We laughed!) She also shared that there are 1,400 trees on the palace grounds. And even when she talked about the benefits of greenery, Queen Elizabeth had another quip. Attenborough spotted a bent sapling and noted that this one tree wasn't doing so well. To which, HRH said, "Somebody sat on it, I think, at a garden party." 

    Now we're imagining the Queen throwing wild garden parties that stretch into the night.  

  • The Queen had quite an open mind, and she's clever.

    Queen E also chatted about royal family traditions and shared how her great-grandkids love to knock the ornaments off the family Christmas tree. Her solution is to "make them decorate it" in order to help them realize the importance of putting the ornaments on instead of taking them off. 

    We imagine Prince George is the one who really likes taking ornaments off. Perhaps letting him put them on helped.

  • She also approves of kids being kids.

    prince george princess charlotte
    Zak Hussein/Splash News

    Apparently there have been restrictions on palace grounds regarding the game of conkers. This game uses the fruit of a horse-chestnut tree. Attenborough suggests that the restrictions were put in place due to "health and safety" reasons.

    Her response was in agreement, but she laughed and said, "Well, it seems to me quite harmless sort of battle thing, isn’t it?"  

    The Queen's youthful spirit is certainly one to be admired. She's a bit of a rebel -- and a funny one at that.