Tristan Thompson Was Reportedly Caught on Camera Cheating on Khloe Kardashian

Tristan Thompson, Khloe Kardashian

Well this doesn't look good. Tristan Thompson appears to have been caught on camera getting frisky with two women in a nightclub last October, when his girlfriend Khloe Kardashian was already three months pregnant with their daughter. It doesn't seem like it was a one-time thing, either, as he was also videoed just days ago going into a hotel in the wee hours of the morning with another woman in NYC, after being photographed making out with her in a nightclub.

  • Um, yeah. This doesn't look good at all.

    TMZ got the footage from last October 7, taken at a hookah lounge outside Washington, DC, the night before Thompson's team played the Wizards. 

    There are three women with him, and he's fully making out with one of them, while one of the others grabs his head and has him motorboat her, and then grabs his crotch. Khloe is definitely not there -- she was probably at home trying to get over her morning sickness, and plan her awesome couples' Halloween costume with Tristan

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  • There's another video, taken just days ago, of Tristan hitting a hotel with a female companion while Khloe waits to give birth to their daughter.

    According to the footage obtained by TMZ, Tristan and an unidentified female entered a Four Seasons hotel in New York City around 5 a.m. Sunday morning. The woman had reportedly been hanging all over the NBA star at a nightclub earlier in the evening, and the Daily Mail even has photos of him kissing her at the club. 

    Meanwhile, Khloe has been stranded in Cleveland for the last days of her pregnancy, as she's chosen to give birth there instead of her hometown of Los Angeles. Tristan had away games, but Khloe obviously couldn't travel with him so late in her pregnancy. 

  • Damn.

    We really don't want to jump to any conclusions without hearing Tristan's side of the story, but this completely sucks for Khloe. We totally thought this was her happily ever after, and now it looks like there's indisputable evidence that her boyfriend cheated on her. 

    Is it too much to hope that Tristan has a long-lost twin somewhere, that just happened to be in DC last October, and NYC over the weekend? That could certainly explain the videos. 

  • We certainly hope Tristan has an explanation. Because we have no doubt Mama KoKo will hand his ass to him on a platter.

    One does not simply betray Khloe Kardashian and hope to get away with it. No matter what happens, our hearts are with Khloe right now. Even if the videos somehow turn out to be completely bogus, these types of rumors are the last thing any nine-month-pregnant lady wants to hear. 

    Unfortunately, it's not looking good for Tristan right now.