Amy Roloff Accused of 'Buying' Boyfriend Chris's Love

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek
Amy Roloff/Facebook

Good grief. We knew Little People, Big World fans felt some kind of way about Amy Roloff's boyfriend, but this is getting nuts -- she just can't catch a break! Case in point: Amy Roloff's Caribbean cruise pic with her main squeeze has fans all sorts of concerned. (Talk about bon voyage!)

  • Amy is getting her best life with Chris Marek (and some friends) on a Caribbean cruise.

    "On we're off!" Amy Roloff writes in her Instagram post. "Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas western Caribbean w/ friends. Chris first cruise. Excited to share this w/ him."

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  • Everyone looks excited to embark on their journey.

    Amy Roloff and her boyfriend are always about adventure.

  • But many Roloff fans aren't impressed and feel Chris can no longer hide how "creepy" he is.

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    You knew the criticism was coming.

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  • And they feel he might be using Amy.

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    Will Chris Marek ever catch a break with fans?

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  • Others need receipts that Chris and Amy *aren't* sharing a room on the cruise.

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    ... 'cause y'all know fans already called them out for "living in sin."

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  • And they really want to know when these two plan on tying the knot.

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    Soo ... first we criticize them, and now we're asking "when is Amy Roloff getting engaged?" questions?

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  • Okay, let's all take a breather.

    This is just a cruise, nothing more, nothing less. It shouldn't be hard to keep all negative comments to a minimum.