Amy Roloff & Boyfriend Chris Marek: A Photo Timeline of Their Relationship

Tanvier Peart | Apr 9, 2018 Celebrities
Amy Roloff & Boyfriend Chris Marek: A Photo Timeline of Their Relationship

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek
Amy Roloff/Facebook

Love 'em or hate 'em, the Roloffs are here to stay (for now). Their journey on Little People, Big World has had its fair share of ups and downs -- from Matt and Amy's demise after 27 years of marriage, to the Roloff divorce updates that played out on and off the screen. Many viewers had troubles saying goodbye to the duo and still struggle to this day, two years after their divorce. Since then, the pair have gone their separate ways -- each striking up a new relationship -- with the Roloff matriarch seemingly living her absolute best in her second act.

In case it's hard to tell (it really shouldn't be), Amy Roloff is completely happy -- and happily smitten -- with her boyfriend, Chris Marek. The two continue to turn heads with their adventures after more than a year of dating. While there have been lots of questions about Amy Roloff's boyfriend, his background, and questions about whether or not he's trying to capitalize off her fame, Amy continues to stand by her man, live in her truth, and bask in their happiness together.

The Roloff family has seen some transition over the years, with Amy and Chris's relationship showing it just might stand the test of time. Here's a look back at how the couple met, some of the obstacles they had to overcome, and how they're doing now. (Spoiler alert: it involves lots of bliss.)

  • Dealing With Divorcing Matt Roloff


    Before Amy Roloff and Chris Marek became a thing, Amy had to deal with the reality -- and emotional impact -- of her 2015 split from Matt after nearly 30 years of marriage. (They officially divorced a year later.) Months after their separation announcement, Amy revealed she would "never" date again. "I don't think anyone would be really interested," Amy Roloff told TLC during a sit-down with Matt.

  • "Paint & Sip" (Unexpected) Encounter


    Anyone new to watching Little People, Big World probably missed seeing Chris and Amy meet during a "paint and sip" singles mixer back in 2016. Though Amy Roloff ended up with Bob during the party, cupid would still strike the couple. (Chris and Amy, not Amy and Bob.)

  • The First Date


    While Amy Roloff and Chris didn't  get a chance to paint together, they did have their first date. (Obviously, 'cause they're still together, LOL.) Chris reportedly asked out Amy so she could take a ride.

    ... on his motorcycle.

  • Budding Romance


    Judging by Chris's Facebook update in December 2017, it's safe to say this guy is all about his relationship with Amy Roloff.

  • Social Media Official


    It ain't official until it's on Facebook! Amy shared one of the first pics of the happy couple on social media in January 2017.

  • Dealing With Fan Backlash


    As quickly as these two got together, Little People Big World fans couldn't help put throw shade -- criticizing Amy for betraying Matt Roloff. Many had a hard time with this new normal and had no problem letting the family matriarch know. To this day, Chris still gets accused of trying to take advantage of Amy, her fame, and her family fortune.

  • Dealing With Rumored Family Backlash


    In addition to Roloff fans having an issue with Amy's new love, outlets report that her son Jeremy Roloff and his wife Audrey weren't exactly quick to roll out the red carpet, either. Not only did they seem to have an issue with Matt and Amy's divorce, but Audrey reportedly made digs at her in-laws' new love lives, thanking Jeremy for putting her before his "former family."

  • First Valentine's Day


    "A lovely wonderful Valentines Day w/ this guy," Amy proudly declares in her Facebook post. "Spent time at the Portland Art Museum and a wonderful dinner at Higgins downtown Portland. I felt special."

  • Parties With Friends


    Isn't it great when your friends enjoy the new guy? Well, we don't know if all of Amy Roloff's pals do (maybe they do, or maybe they don't), but everyone sure seems chummy together!

  • Turning Up the PDA


    Talk about someone getting her groove back! Chris and Amy are truly comfortable with each other (and cameras), as these two may or may not have gotten it on while filming Little People, Big World. They aren't afraid to show affection -- both on- and off-screen -- and are constantly turning up the heat.

  • "Still Together"


    No matter how many times the Roloffs' fans beg for Amy to "dump" Chris, she made time in her day in May 2017 to set the record straight: She and Chris are #stilltogether, and they're having fun.

  • Six-Month Checkup


    "So far, so good."

    It's not hard to see how much Amy Roloff and Chris are smitten with each other. At six months into their relationship, the happy couple admittedly confesses they haven't had any "major arguments," which is a pretty big accomplishment considering it all.

  • Concertgoers


    These two know how to party! Chris and Amy always seem to be on their next adventure. Whether they're enjoying a ride on the hog or checking out the latest concert, Amy's second act always seems full of surprises.

  • Eclipse'n Good Time


    It's a family affair! Amy Roloff's solar eclipse party looked like one for the books. Not only was her man Chris present and accounted for, but almost the entire Roloff crew was there too.

  • The Controversial Road Trip


    These lovebirds caught some serious heat after Roloff fans accused them of "skipping town" right before little Ember Roloff made her grand debut. Amy announced an out-of-town trip on Chris's motorcycle just days before daughter-in-law Audrey's due date. Little People, Big World lovers were "very shocked" at the second-time grandma-to-be's actions and thought she was putting her relationship with her new boyfriend over family -- even playing favorites, as the Roloff matriarch was in town around her other daughter-in-law Tori's due date.

  • Cheating Allegations


    Poor Chris and Amy, they've heard just about every type of criticism imaginable. Rumors started swirling last October that Amy Roloff was cheating on her boyfriend Chris -- cozying up next to a "mystery man" at the family farm -- or at least trying to. Needless to say, the reality star shut down the hearsay with, what else, a pic of her and Chris looking happier than ever.

  • Amy Roloff & Chris: Engagement Rumors


    Ring sighting! The Roloff family news hotline almost lost all its marbles after Amy shared this pic, sending Little People, Big World fanatics into a frenzy amid speculation she's rocking an engagement ring. (Spoiler alert: She's not.) Sadly, fans showed their true colors as some threatened to unfollow Amy Roloff on social media if she was in fact planning to get married to Chris Marek. (Yikes.)

  • Moving In Concerns


    October isn't exactly the best time of year to uproot your entire life. It's cold, can be damp, and is right before the big holiday line-up (Thanksgiving and Christmas). Yet, Amy's Halloween trick-or-treat post, showing the Little People, Big World star passing out candy at Chris's house, caused great controversy, with many Roloff fans speculating she was moving in.

    (She wasn't.)

  • New Year


    No matter the backlash and controversy surrounding their relationship, Amy and her boyfriend Chris made it through their first year but seem more in love.

  • Daredevils


    No shade to Caryn Chandler and Matt Roloff, but Amy and Chris seem to live on the wild side and are about that adventure life.

  • St. Patrick's Day Controversy


    You know "fans" are looking to criticize Chris when they start coming for his wardrobe. Amy Roloff's boyfriend caught major heat for rocking purple on St. Patrick's Day -- sparking the craziest holiday controversy yet.

  • Bon Voyage


    Andd they're off! Amy is taking her #secondact with Chris abroad as the two embarked on a cruise with friends that will likely be a trip of a lifetime.


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