Meghan Markle's Wedding Dress: We May Finally Know the Designer

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Zak Hussein/Splash News

The clues have been scant when it comes to exactly who will be designing Meghan Markle's wedding dress, but there has been some activity in the fashion world that leads us to believe we are one step closer to finding out. A couple of Meghan's reported favorite design houses have amped up staffing in their public relations department, which may be a signal that the wave of interest is coming very soon. The new front-runner, however, is Erdem, and we are in love with the possibilities. 

  • Erdem is also a nod to Meghan's past and future.

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    Zak Hussein/Splash News

    Erdem Moralıoğlu was born in Canada, where Meghan Markle most recently lived and where her show, Suits, was filmed. But Erdem now calls Britain home, just like the bride-to-be. The clothes are dreamy with intricate detailing and prints. And People magazine points out that according to Diary Directory, the design house just hired a new PR manager, which leads some to think that while they are making Meghan's wedding dress, they are adding staff to make sure they can handle the massive public interest that will follow. 

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  • The designs feature lots of color and dreamy fabrics.

    Both Meghan and Kate Middleton have worn dresses by Erdem in the recent past. As we look at some of the designs, we can imagine all of them in white. The looks all have an ethereal feel.  

  • They design exactly the kind of dress that would appeal to Meghan.

    Meghan wore Erdem when she attended a wedding with Prince Harry last year, as well as when she lived in Toronto. So we know this aesthetic is something that appeals to her. There is no doubt Erdem would create a magical gown for her, but we can't forget the other designer front-runner for the big day.

  • We do know Meghan is going to look amazing no matter what designer she wears.

    Meghan's engagement dress was designed by Ralph & Russo, which is reportedly hiring a new PR assistant. That could mean that the buzz from Meghan wearing their gown created so much interest that they need to staff up or that they are preparing for an avalanche of interest because she's going to be wearing one of their looks for the wedding on May 19. 

    We also cannot forget Israeli designer Inbal Dror, who months ago shared that she sent sketches to Meghan for consideration.  

    It's doubtful we will know for sure just who Meghan chooses to design her gown until the wedding day, but it's certainly exciting to review all the gorgeous possibilities.