Joanna Gaines Posts 'Bittersweet' Letter to Fans as 'Fixer Upper' Comes to an End

Fixer Upper Joanna Gaines
Joanna Gaines/Facebook

All good things must come to an end. Fixer Upper officially is no longer, and star Joanna Gaines is reflecting on the show in a heartwarming letter she wrote to fans.

  • The expectant mom took to social media to share photos of the first and last episodes of "Fixer Upper."

    "I can't believe tonight marks our very last episode of Fixer Upper," Joanna Gaines writes in her Instagram post. "This picture is of us filming our pilot in 2012 and then our last scene of fixer in 2017. What a journey this has been! .... The end is bittersweet, but we are excited for what's to come."

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  • Joanna also posted a letter on her Magnolia website, thanking fans who've been with her and Chip every step of the way.

    The popular HGTV series is coming to an end after five seasons. Chip and Joanna Gaines, who are expecting their fifth child, announced plans to end the show last September. "We gave everything we had to this show -- the beautiful homes and those sweet families -- but this just felt like the right time to catch our breath for a bit," Joanna told People about plans to end Fixer Upper. "We really want to focus on this break and take a step back to let this all soak in. Regardless of what the future holds, we are hopeful for what God has for us and our family in this next season."

  • "This season of life has been rewarding, challenging, unbelievably fast and furious and nearly everything in between," she writes.

    "April felt like it was forever away, but somehow it snuck up on us. Time is funny like that, the days sometimes seem long, but the weeks, months and even years fly past us when we least expect it," the celeb mom writes on the Magnolia site.

    Joanna Gaines continues in her post to fans:

    "For us, the end of this final season marks the beginning of a new one. If you would have told me that I'd end this season of the show pregnant with our fifth baby, I would've laughed. Like the entire Fixer Upper opportunity as a whole, life has a way of surprising us. With our little ones getting bigger, we had this gut feeling that it was time to step back and focus on them and our businesses here in Waco, Texas. And although that's why we thought we decided to step away from the show, we now realize with this little one on the way that there was a bigger plan in place for us all along.

    Today is really bittersweet for us. Fixer Upper is the thing that introduced our family to yours, and every Tuesday night for the past five years, we have felt you rooting us on from the other side of the screen. We've said it many times, but it's worth saying again -- thank you to everyone who has walked beside us on this journey. Whether you watched every single show since season one or you are just now tuning in, you all have been a part of this and Chip and I will always be grateful for your support. We're not saying goodbye!"

  • We'll never let go ... *sob*

    Who knew saying goodbye would bring the waterworks? It's not like the end of Fixer Upper is a major celebrity tragedy or anything.

    Our hearts will go on ...

  • It's been a fun journey, but we've come to the end of the road.

    We'll always be grateful for this show, the home renovation inspo, and how they blessed us with the beauty known as shiplap.

    Thank you, Joanna and Chip.

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