Amy Roloff's Family Post Raises Concern About Daughter Molly

Amy Roloff with daughter Molly Roloff
Amy Roloff/Facebook

Just because a member of the Roloff family isn't in a photo doesn't mean we need to send out the search team for her. Amy Roloff's family Easter photo has Little People, Big World fans freaking out about her daughter Molly.

  • Amy has so "much to be thankful for" and is letting the world know with this precious family photo.

    "Happy Easter! He is Risen!" Amy Roloff writes in her Instagram post. "Had a wonderful and great day with the kids and [boyfriend] Chris! Much to be thankful for. I hope you had a wonderful day too. Spring has sprung and ready for possibilities. God is good."

    Pictured in the sweet snap are Amy (center) along with her three sons Zach (second from left, holding his baby Jackson), Jacob (sitting behind Amy), and Jeremy (far right), along with Zach's wife Tori (far left), Jacob's fiancée Isabel (third from left), and Jeremy's wife Audrey (holding their baby Ember).

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  • Roloff fans are thrilled to see this bunch together.

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    Even Amy's boyfriend Chris Marek got some Easter love, which is a far cry from people wondering "what the hell's wrong with him?"

  • But it wouldn't be another day for the Roloffs if folks didn't start asking about someone missing ... and this time, all eyes are on Molly.

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    Dad Matt Roloff is probably breathing a sigh of relief somewhere with his girlfriend Caryn Chandler, LOL.

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  • People seem super pressed about her whereabouts and want answers ...

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    (Instead of "where is Jacob Roloff?" questions, Little People, Big World fans seem fixated on Molly.)

  • ... like, right now.

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  • Everyone can calm down and rest easy. Molly Roloff is safe and doing just fine.

    Seeing as Molly lives in Washington with her hubby Joel Silvius -- and the Roloff farm is in Oregon -- we don't see her just popping up 24/7.

  • Plus, Molly and her husband technically *did* make an appearance in Amy's family photo.


    Nothing to see here, folks. Just keep calm and move on with life.