Chris Pratt Debuts the 'Good Lookin' Lady' in His Life & Says It Was 'Love at First Sight'

Chris Pratt
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Some things are just meant to be (LOL). Chris Pratt debuted his new lady in his life, and boy is she causing his fans to sound off in the most hilarious way!

  • Chris has been on the market since announcing his split from wife Anna Faris last August.

    Chris Pratt
    Mario Anzuoni/REUTERS

    Chris Pratt and Anna Faris, who have a 5-year-old son named Jack, officially filed for divorce in December. While rumors about Chris Pratt dating started to rise, he's reportedly still single.

    His future ex-wife, however, is a different story.

    Anna Faris's boyfriend, cinematographer Michael Barrett, continues to raise eyebrows as the couple seemingly started dating a month after Anna's split from Chris -- fueling speculation Anna might've cheated on Chris. But it seems things are okay between the current exes, as Anna Faris's recent marriage confession reveals she and Chris "have a great friendship."

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  • And it seems Chris now has a "Texas girl" in his life, who he says was "love at first sight."

    "Love at first sight. This good lookin lady is from the great state of Texas," the Jurassic World star writes on Instagram. "She's adjusting quite well to life on the farm. Welcome home Baby Girl! #farmlife #texasgirl"

  • And folks are intrigued.

  • Chris's fans love his new gal.

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  • And they're high-fiving the celeb dad for getting a "Texas girl."

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  • We better not hear any Chris Pratt dating rumors with this gal! (LOL.)

  • Others couldn't help but throw in a few "horny" jokes, because why not?

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  • Obviously, this is all in fun, as Chris Pratt is *not* dating an animal.

    If anything, it's a reason to rejoice, because one of the sexiest male celebs is still on the market.