15 Times Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard Were Total #ParentingGoals

Kayla Boyd | Mar 30, 2018 Celebrities
15 Times Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard Were Total #ParentingGoals
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kristen bell and dax shepard
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There are a lot of celebrity parents we love to keep up with, but none of them keep it real quite like Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard. The couple has been married since 2013 and they have two daughters together, 3-year-old Delta Bell Shepard and 5-year-old Lincoln Shepard. They are always open about their life with kids, and it makes them super relatable. 

Kristen even has a YouTube series dedicated to mom life, called Momsplaining. When it comes to their kids and their struggles, Kristen and Dax are pretty much an open book in interviews as well. And boy are they hilarious too! Their candidness and unapologetic views make them enjoyable to follow, and their honest parenting "fails" prove that they're human just like us! 

Kristen especially has talked about everything from breastfeeding to pregnancy struggles to vaccinations, and she always tells her stories with humor and transparency. We can't get enough! And it's obvious that she and Dax make a pretty great team. We love that they share so many moments with us. 

Here are 15 times Kristen and Dax kept it super real about parenthood!

  • Dax "Nursed" From Her Breast

    kristen bell and dax shepard bad moms christmas premier
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    During an episode of her online series Momsplaining With Kristen Bell, Kristen revealed that husband Dax Shepard "nursed" from her boob. She said that she had mastitis and recounted the event, explaining:

    "So I said to my husband, 'I really need you to suck this out. We could talk about it, we could be weird about it, or you could just go ahead and nurse' .... He pulled it out. He had a cup next to him. He was pulling out and spitting into this cup, and I've never been more in love."

  • IV Pole Swinging


    Kristen shared hilarious photos from when she went into labor on her Instagram. One of them included her "swinging from the IV pole to try and feel sexy and open up [her] hips." 

  • Labor Pains


    Kristen admitted that she got through her 36 hours of labor with "back rubs and breathing." Shout out to Dax!

  • Kristen's Watermelon Explanation


    In a video with Kathryn Hahn and expectant mom Rya Meyers, Kristen kept it VERY real when explaining childbirth. "This is your vagina," Kristen said while holding up a hair tie. "And this is what happens," she continued, as she tried to force a hair tie over the watermelon before snapping it. "They can stitch it up."

  • Dax Admits Family Life Isn't "Effortless"

    kristen bell and dax shepard
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    In a previous interview, Dax admitted that it's hard to find time to spend with his wife between their kids and work schedules. He said they do couples therapy and their relationship is "not effortless." He also admitted that they make it work by literally scheduling time to make sure they see each other. 

  • Can't a Mom Get Some Sleep?

    kristen bell baby bump
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    When CafeMom asked Kristen what's the one thing she wished motherhood didn't include, she said:

    "Super-early mornings. I'll gladly take puke on my shirt or any amount of intestinal issues over those early wake-up calls."

    Moms everywhere can agree to that! 

  • Kristen Keeps It Real About Breastfeeding


    When CafeMom asked Kristen about breastfeeding, she said:

    "It's boobs. It's another part of your body that has skin. Boobs don't provide the shock and awe to me that they do for some people. It's comical that people are against feeding in public. Like, 'Are you against feeding children?' It's not even an issue, or the fact that it is an issue is comical to me. If you're aroused by that, I think it's safe to say that's your problem and not mine. If it makes you uncomfortable, it's your responsibility to move away, not mine to cover up?" 

  • The Switching Kids Method


    Kristen previously admitted that she and Dax switch kids a lot to keep their sanity. She said to Us Weekly

    "We switch kids a lot. I'll just be like, 'I don't want to talk to this kid anymore.'"

  • Dealing with Pinworms


    In a very candid interview on Netflix's The Joel McHale Show, Kristen admitted to contracting pin worms from her daughters! "I did have anal worms two weeks ago -- I swear to God," she confessed on the show.

  • Messy #MomLife


    "This is a picture of both the floor of my house and the interior of my brain. #momlife," Kristen wrote on Instagram. This is universally relatable for pretty much any mom! 

  • Invasion of Privacy

    kristen bell and dax shepard
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    While on The Talk, Kristen revealed that her kids walked in on them having sex before -- which is mortifying, but totally relatable. "Well, we didn't, like, continue," she said. "We sort of just went like, 'Hey, what's up? What do you need? What do you need?' ... And then we just said, 'Mommy and Daddy are just going to take a nap for a couple of minutes.'" 

  • The Vaccination Debate

    kristen bell
    AXELLE WOUSSEN/Bauergriffin.com
    Since vaccinating kids is such a controversial topic, many moms feel very strongly about their opinion on the matter. Kristen wasn't ashamed to admit she is pro-vaccine. In fact, she told her friends they couldn't hold her baby if they weren't vaccinated.
  • Pregnancy Confessions


    Kristen once shared a rather controversial pregnancy confession -- she didn't yet feel attached to her baby while she was pregnant. She said:

    "I love people the more I know them, and I didn't know her. It could've been a water bottle in my belly, that's about how connected I felt to her during my pregnancy ... But within about 24 hours after she came out, my hormones reset, and they reprogrammed my feelings about her."

  • Toddler Fashion Advice


    Kristen admitted that her then 2-year-old hasn't always approved of her clothing choices. She shared this photo on Instagram and wrote: 

    "After I dressed this morning, my 2yr wrinkled her nose and said, 'why you not wearing a beautiful outfit today, mama?' MY DAUGHTER AND I HAVE NOTHING IN COMMON."

  • Postpartum Body Confidence


    Back in 2013, Kristen opened up about her postpartum body to E!. She said:

    "I'm definitely trying to lose [the baby weight] -- I want to be clear. But I'm not letting it keep me up at night and I am not letting it become the narrative of my life for the next year ...

    It's like, by the way, don't you want to look like you've had a baby? I'm sitting here with you, I'm crunched over, I have a huge muffin top -- who cares?!"

    Amen, sister! 

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