Kelly Clarkson Addresses Molly Stevens's Accusations

Derek Storm / Splash News

Kelly Clarkson
Derek Storm / Splash News

Welp, that escalated quickly. Kelly Clarkson is speaking out after an eliminated contestant on The Voice, who happens to be openly gay, called the Grammy award winner out -- accusing her of being "small-minded." And let's just say the Internet and Kelly aren't having it.

  • Singer Molly Stevens wrote a lengthy -- and now deleted -- Instagram post about Kelly and her "labeling trap."

    This isn't the first time Kelly Clarkson faced controversy. Last December, the mom of two caught some heat for lending her voice to an adoption awareness event, because she's not a mom of an adopted child.

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  • Apparently, she didn't like Clarkson comparing her to Melissa Etheridge and the Indigo Girls -- all openly gay artists -- and took to the 'Gram.

    "While I'm extremely honored to be in that category of talent I do believe that comment did us all a disservice and only threw us into a labeling trap," the singer wrote in her deleted post, People reports. "It felt small minded to me and exactly what I feel we need to bring attention to the world."

  • And let's just say folks kept receipts and weren't happy ...

    (Talk about a Hollywood scandal.)

  • ... including Kelly Clarkson, who took to Twitter to defend herself.

    She's really not the worst person -- and likely didn't have ill intentions.

  • No matter how much Molly tried to apologize, people aren't here for it.

  • And accuse they accuse the former Voice contestant of trying to get attention.

    Does this shade count as shaming?

  • Maybe Molly should've given Kelly the benefit of the doubt?

    Kelly Clarkson
    Andrew Kelly/REUTERS

    In addition to being a pretty down-to-earth and nice person, Kelly Clarkson has been a "longtime ally to the LGBTQ community," as People notes. It goes without saying that something like this would be a bit left field for her, but people are entitled to their own opinions and feelings.

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