Josh Duhamel Accused of Cheating on Fergie as Details About His New 28-Year-Old Girlfriend Emerge

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Josh Duhamel
Felipe Ramales / Splash News

Guess it's safe to say this off-the-market bachelor isn't dating Jennifer Garner! Reports are surfacing that actor Josh Duhamel has a new girlfriend, which has people side-eyeing the celeb dad. Aside from the fact that his new love is 17 years younger than he is, some are starting to question whether Josh started seeing her while he was still married to singer Fergie.

  • Josh reportedly "fell" for actress Eiza Gonzalez several months ago, which coincidentally falls around the time he and Fergie announced their split.

    Eliza Gonzalez and Josh Duhamel
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    "Josh actually fell for Eiza about six months ago and asked a mutual friend to introduce them," an unnamed source alleged to Entertainment Tonight about the new couple. "They had secretly been talking for months."

    Fergie and Josh, who publicized their split last September after eight years of marriage, revealed they actually broke up earlier in 2017. The couple are proud parents to their 4-year-old son Axl.

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  • "Josh is head over heels for Eiza, but he felt guilty that he had feelings for another woman so quickly ..." the insider told ET.

    Eliza Gonzalez
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    "... He wants to be respectful to Fergie so he has kept this relationship very, very private," the source continued about the 45-year-old and his 28-year-old love interest.

  • And he swears there *wasn't* any overlap with his marriage.

    "He and Fergie had announced their separation before he started seeing Eiza," the insider pointed out to denounce cheating rumors

    The source continued:

    "This couple has worked to separate amicably and so far it seems to be working. Josh is ready to move on and he seems very smitten with Eiza. Josh is a very good man and wants to be respectful to the mother of his son. He wants to make sure Fergie knows he supports her life and her future ... He is being so loving and respectful to Fergie and making sure she knows he is there for her."

  • But you already know people are side-eyeing the sh*t out of this.

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    Let's say the response has been less than stellar.

  • Some feel Josh's new girlfriend is evidence he stepped out on Fergie.

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    Is this yet another celebrity cheating scandal?

  • Which wouldn't be the first time, TBH.

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    Who else remembers Josh cheating on Fergie with an exotic dancer less than a year into their marriage?

  • Folks are definitely taken aback by the timeline ... and Josh's new girlfriend being 17 years younger than he is.

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  • Kinda makes you wonder if Jennifer was the better option (LOL).

    Obviously, Josh and Jennifer Garner aren't an item -- which is totally fine. (They do look cute together, just saying.) So long as Josh and Fergie are able to focus on co-parenting and loving on their son, at the end of the day, it's his decision whom he decides to date.

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