Details on Prince Harry & Meghan Markle's Wedding Cake Are Mmm ...

Zak Hussein/Splash News

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Zak Hussein/Splash News

Slowly but surely we're getting more details about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding -- and today is no different (yay!). On Tuesday, Kensington Palace announced who would be creating the royal wedding cake, as well as the type of cake Harry and Meghan will be going with. From where we're standing, it seems the royal couple made a good choice. The cake sounds fantastic.

  • The palace announced on Instagram that pastry chef Claire Ptak of Violet Cakes in London would be doing the honors.

    "For their wedding cake Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle have chosen pastry chef Claire Ptak, owner of the London-based bakery @violetcakeslondon," the 'gram said. "The couple have asked Claire to create a lemon elderflower cake that will incorporate the bright flavors of spring. It will be covered with buttercream and decorated with fresh flowers."

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  • The pastry chef (obviously) posted the good news to social media as well, cheekily prefacing it with: "Kinda excited to announce this one ..."

    Like Meghan, Claire was raised in California. She focuses on using seasonal and organic ingredients in her cakes, and was even interviewed by Meghan a few years ago for her now-defunct lifestyle website, The Tig. "Prince Harry and Ms. Markle are looking forward to sharing the cake with guests at their wedding at Windsor Castle on May 19th," Kensington Palace said. 

  • For their wedding in 2011, Prince William and Kate Middleton had an "unconventional cake," as well.

    kate middleton wedding
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    In addition to having a traditional fruit cake, the duke and duchess also had a "groom's cake," per Prince William's request. The cake, which was served alongside the "official cake," was made up of cookies and chocolate. Sounds good to us! And going off of Kate Middleton's smile in the wedding photos, she enjoyed it as well -- as did Prince William and Kate Middleton's friends

  • We knew from the get-go that Harry and Meghan's wedding wasn't going to be very conventional, but this is definitely shaping up to be extraordinary.

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    Without a doubt, this is one royal wedding that will go down in the books -- and handsome Prince Harry and sexy Meghan Markle will become legends in their own right. Way to break the mold, guys. Even if it is, you know, just a cake mold.