Amy Roloff's Pic With Boyfriend Chris Has Fans Wondering 'What the Hell's Wrong With Him?'

Amy Roloff
Amy Roloff/Facebook

Little People, Big World fans never miss a beat to throw shade! The Roloff mom's "good friends" photo with boyfriend Chris Marek is turning heads (as expected) for a pretty ridiculous reason. But what's crazy is the ire people have for Amy Roloff's boyfriend and how quick folks are to call him everything under the sun except for a good person.

  • Amy took to social media to share a fun snap of her St. Patrick's Day celebration with her beau and friends.

    "Celebrating St Patrick's Day w/ my bestie - Lisa Art and Chris," Amy wrote on Facebook. "A little Irish sprinkle w/ luck. #goodfriendsgoodtimes #stpatricksday #amyssecondactcontinues."

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  • A number of Roloff fans can't help but celebrate the matriarch's love.

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    Amy Roloff and Chris do look good together.

  • But with all things Roloff, others wish Chris would "get lost" and are criticizing him for not wearing green.

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  • ... because something is obviously wrong with him.

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    Why are people so extra with Amy and Chris, and Matt Roloff's girlfriend Caryn? Sheesh.

  • And some feel Amy is "causing problems" in her family.

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    Yes, Amy Roloff is a "horrible" person (*insert eye roll and sarcasm*).

  • Seriously, calm the hell down.

    Like, this is the Roloff family news that fans want to focus on ... Chris not wearing green for St. Patrick's Day, and accusing Amy of causing issues in her clan?

    Let's do better.