Tom Cruise Told to Spend Time With Daughter Suri After Posting 'Million Thanks' Message to Fans

Tom Cruise
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Talk about cutting to the chase. Tom Cruise's "million thanks" post to fans has some side-eyeing the actor for his estranged relationship with daughter Suri Cruise. And let's just say some aren't afraid to go there.

  • Tom commemorated his 1 million milestone on Instagram in the best way he knows how: a plug for his upcoming "Mission: Impossible" movie.

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    That's right, Tom Cruise is revving up for the sixth installment.

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  • Many of the celeb dad's fans celebrated the achievement with him.

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  • Others, however, jumped right to it, asking Tom whether or not he sees his daughter Suri.

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    Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, who were married for six years before divorcing, welcomed daughter Suri back in 2006.

  • And would like for him to spend more time with his little girl who isn't so little anymore.

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  • Tell us how you really feel!

  • Tom's criticism is quite timely as he's making news for his estranged relationship with his daughter.

    Tom Cruise and Suri Cruise
    Jackson Lee / Tom Meinelt/Splash News

    The Hollywood Gossip reports Tom and Suri haven't seen each other in four years, though Us Weekly notes the father-daughter duo haven't been photographed together since 2012.

  • And with Suri set to turn 12 next month, who knows when these two will see each other (assuming reports they haven't are true).

    Suri Cruise
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    This is all quite sad.

  • Maybe there's room for reconciliation?

    Tom Cruise
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    Maybe ... one day?

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