Derick Dillard Makes an Outrageous Accusation Against TLC

Derick Dillard, Jill Duggar

Say what now? Former Counting On star Derick Dillard has just made some pretty unbelievable claims about TLC. Jill Duggar's husband took to social media this week to claim that he was never compensated for his time on the network, or for any other publicity with publications like People magazine.

  • TLC cut ties with Derick several months ago, when he refused to back down from bullying transgender teen Jazz Jennings online.

    Jazz has her own show on the network called I Am Jazz, and Derick felt the need to attack her on Twitter, deliberately mis-gendering her and calling transgenderism a "myth." In November, TLC issued a statement saying that they had not worked with him for months, and had no plans to feature him in the future.

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    In addition Derick's claiming that people are "using" kids like Jazz, as well as the victims of the Parkland shooting, to promote their own agendas, fans started asking how that was different from his profiting off his own children for being on TV.

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  • Derick claimed that he was "never" compensated for appearing as a regular for multiple seasons of "Counting On."

    Through multiple tweets, Derick claimed that it wasn't his show, that he and his wife have never been paid by TLC, and that they weren't even compensated by People magazine for exclusive interviews and cover stories. 

    He even said that TLC took advantage of them by profiting off their son's birth, but wouldn't put a penny toward baby Sam's two-week NICU stay. He said that it took nearly a year to pay off the bills, and that he's been working his "tail end off at my 9-5 to make ends meet just like everyone else does?!"

  • There's so much going on with Derick's tweet stream we're not even sure where to start.

    First off -- we're glad that baby Sam seems A-OK after a traumatic birth. We knew something had been up, and although Derick didn't go into details about his health, it's obviously something that he overcame. 

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    But can we get back to his lack of paycheck? He was a series regular, and he didn't get paid? We're finding this just a little hard to believe. If it's true, then he gravely failed his wife and family by letting cameras invade his home and his family's privacy for years without anything but reruns to show for it. This wasn't a one-time television appearance -- this was their life. Why in God's name would he let TLC or People or whoever take advantage of his family like that? 

  • We don't want to believe that Derick is intentionally lying about not being paid for his time on TLC.

    We also don't want to believe he's dumb enough to have let cameras into his family's life without being compensated either. He doesn't even have to spend the money -- he could set up college funds for his children if nothing else. 

    The Dillards have gotten so much hate over the years for asking fans for donations -- maybe they should have put that effort into demanding to be paid for their time on the show.