Kylie Jenner's 'Black Eye' Sparks Rumors Travis Scott Is Abusing Her

kylie jenner
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About a month since giving birth to her daughter Stormi, Kylie Jenner decided to join her boyfriend, Travis Scott, for a quick trip to Miami, where he had a couple of performances. On Tuesday, the couple was spotted leaving their beachfront hotel and it appeared that Kylie had a black eye

  • In the photos of Kylie leaving the Miami hotel, her face is mostly hidden by her jacket. However, a mysterious mark is visible under her eye.

    A group of their friends also joined them on their Miami trip, including Kylie's best friend Jordyn Woods. According to Mirror, Kylie left the hotel in a car with Jordyn.

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  • Obviously, there are many possibilities for how Kylie got the mark under her eye. As a new mom, maybe she's just tired?

    kylie facebook comment

    The comments on Facebook are all over the place.

  • Or maybe she dropped her phone on her face -- we've all done it.

  • And then there is the popular belief that it has something to do with plastic surgery.

  • kylie facebook comment
  • Unfortunately, there are also a number of people accusing Travis of giving her the mark on her eye.

    kylie facebook comment
  • Some even referred to Travis as a "thug."

    kylie facebook comment
  • A few even "joked" about how Travis must have hit her because Tyga is actually Stormi's father.

    kylie facebook comment
  • kylie facebook comment

    Really, guys!?

  • We have no idea how Kylie got that mark under her eye, but it's wrong to assume that it's from Travis.

    kylie jenner and travis scott
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    And if it did happen to be a matter of abuse, that's not a topic to joke about either. 

    Whether Kylie decides to share how she got the mark is entirely her decision, but we're just glad that she appears to be totally fine.