15 Times Kate Middleton Showed Off Her Fancy Side

Image: Zak Hussein/Splash News

kate middleton
Zak Hussein/Splash News

Sure, she's relatable. Sure, she's down-to-earth. Sure, she seems like she'd be an awesome BFF! But let's be real here. At her core, Kate Middleton is uber-posh. While she may hail from a "common" family, there's never really ever been anything "common" about Kate Middleton. In fact, there are even times when she seems a bit more fancy than Prince William or Prince Harry. (OK, fine, definitely Prince Harry.) 

Maybe it's her sophistication? Maybe it's her class and composure? Or maybe it's the fact that she was always destined to marry a prince and become the Queen of England? 

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Again, she may much more relatable than, say, the Duchess of Cornwall or Queen Elizabeth, but Kate definitely has her posh side. From "fancy" accents to the way she enjoys her cocktails, here are 15 times Kate Middleton was oh-so-posh. 

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For the most part, she's "just like us." Except when she's not. 

But one thing's for sure: We love her all the same.

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