Cops Sent to Tori Spelling's House Over 'Mental Illness' Call Twice in 24 Hours & Now's About the Time to Freak Out

Tori Spelling
Carlo Allegri/REUTERS

This doesn't sound good ... Police were called to Tori Spelling's house not once, but twice, over the span of just 24 hours -- with the latter being a response to a "female mental illness" call -- and we hope to God everything is okay with this mom of five and her family.

  • Police responded to a "disturbance call" at Tori and hubby Dean McDermott's California home in the early morning on March 1.

    Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott with kids
    @ParisaMichelle / Splash News

    A spokesperson from the Los Angeles Police Department says officials answered a "female mental illness" call at the family home, E! News reports.

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    "Law enforcement sources tell us cops are responding after the call came in around 7 AM, saying Tori was being very aggressive ... going through what one source describes as a nervous breakdown," TMZ notes. "We're told she doesn't have any weapons, but obviously snapped enough for someone in the house to call police."

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  • TMZ also reports cops were called to Tori's house the prior night, because the celeb mom "thought someone was breaking into her house."

    Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott
    Fred Prouser/REUTERS

    ... which actually turned out to be Dean coming home.

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  • Fans of the former "90210" alum have already expressed concerns, as Tori has seemingly been MIA for quite some time.

    Her last Instagram post, shared on January 23, has people wondering where she went.

  • This all sounds so scary ...

    Tori Spelling
    Mario Anzuoni/REUTERS

    We hope Tori and her family are okay -- and that she gets the necessary help that she needs.

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