16 Times Celebs Walked the Red Carpet With Their Kids

Kayla Boyd | Mar 1, 2018 Celebrities

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One of perks that goes along with being a celebrity is attending red carpet events -- award shows, movie premieres, galas, etc. It always looks so glamorous to get dressed up in an expensive outfit, have full hair and makeup done, and get photographed and interviewed. Aside from looking at what everyone is wearing on a red carpet, fans often notice who their favorite celebrities are walking with as well. 

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Oftentimes celebrities will walk a red carpet alone or with their significant other. But sometimes, their kids get to take part in all the fun and excitement too. A lot of celebrity kids have had the chance to dress up and walk carpets with their parents for huge events. 

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Some events are even kid friendly, such as the Nickelodeon award shows or Disney movie premieres. Some famous kids have been walking red carpets since they could walk -- literally! And every time we see a celeb mom or dad with their kids on the carpet, it always looks so special. Here are 16 times that celeb parents brought their kids as dates on the red carpet. 

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