New Rumor Claims Meghan Markle Was the Author of a Secret Blog

meghan markle
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It is no secret that Meghan Markle used to run the lifestyle blog, The Tig. Meghan is not only a great actress and humanitarian, but she wrote engaging copy and had quite an eye for style. But there is a new rumor out that Meghan was the author of the infamous blog called The Working Actress, which was wildly popular from 2010 and 2012. Let's delve into this. 

  • Could this really be what Meghan was up to way before she met Harry?

    meghan markle
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    A writer named David Jones took a look at the posts and where Meghan was at the time and there is some correlation. The Working Actress was an anonymous blog that was much like a diary. If it is Meghan who wrote it, she would have been in her late 20s at the time and still married to Trevor Engelson. This also means it would have been before The Tig and before Suits.

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  • The blog was a bit raw, very real, and honest about what to expect in the world of acting.

    meghan markle
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    The Working Actress was popular amongst working actors and those with a Hollywood curiosity. There were details about casting calls and film sets. One entry read: "I’ve had to freeze my [acting] union membership, borrow money, work jobs that I hated, kiss actors with smelly breath and cry for hours on end because I just didn’t think I could take it any more." 

    Another entry read: "But at the end of the day it’s all worth it. People often describe actors who pop onto the scene as overnight success stories. Here’s the reality -- it’s more like years of hustle... welcome to the hustle."  

  • Perhaps it was therapeutic -- we all know how challenging Hollyweird can be.

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    Meghan hasn't commented on the rumor, nor has anyone from the royal camp, but some are saying that it was definitely her who penned these entries and that it was like therapy for her during this time in her life. 

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  • The truth may always remain a mystery.

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    It's believed that Meghan stopped adding to The Working Actress when her career started to take off ... and there is no way she's going to revive it now. Though the blog has since been deleted. 

    We could imagine Meghan writing about her experiences, but we are a little suspect that it was anonymous. That doesn't seem like something Meghan would do. Still, it could have been her way of saying what was really on her mind about the Hollywood lifestyle without attaching her name to it. Smart. We're going to guess it will remain a mystery. (Though we bet Harry knows the truth.)