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  • Josiah shared a screenshot of his and Lauren's FaceTime call on his Instagram page this week.

    He captioned it, "Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve always been a talker ... But now I love being a listener, too," and added a heart emoji and the hash tag, #facetimwiththebest. It's totally sweet and would be what most people consider "normal," but when it comes to the Duggar courtship rules, it's pretty much a big no-no.

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    Not only do couples wait for their wedding day to share their first kiss, they don't even hold hands until they're engaged. They also don't allow front-hugging, unchaperoned dates, or even private phone conversations, lest the subject turn to something tawdry like who got sent home on The Bachelor this week. We're assuming. In fact, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are even copied on all texts sent between courting couples, just to make sure there's zero funny business. 

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  • Have the Duggars relaxed their strict standards now that they've gotten several of their older kids married off?

    In January, Lauren was permitted to travel to Australia and New Zealand with the family for a speaking tour, and she and Jo seemed to get awfully handsy while out sightseeing. We're just saying, we never saw Jill and Derick get this comfy when they were courting back in 2014. 

  • Or maybe the FaceTime chaperone was just not pictured.

    Even though Josiah is 21, he obviously still needs a babysitter in order to talk to his girlfriend. Or maybe he realized that he is a fully grown adult and doesn't need permission or supervision to have a conversation with the woman he wants to marry. 

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  • Regardless of whether the phone call was supervised or not, it's good that these two are taking time to get to know each other.

    Considering that the family doesn't seem to allow for divorce under even the most dire of circumstances, they better be really sure they want to say "I do."