Yet Another Duggar Sister Might Be Pregnant Again but Who's Counting?


Is 2018 going to be the biggest Duggar baby boom yet? There are at least three new grandkids on the way for Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar this year, with Joy-Anna Forsyth, Jinger Vuolo, and Kendra Duggar all expecting. If fans have it right, it looks like Jill Dillard or Jessa Seewald may bring that number up even higher.

  • Some people were convinced that Jill is pregnant with number three after she posted this sweet selfie of her and baby Sam.

    She added the caption, "Love my #babies #samuelscottdillard," which didn't help quell the pregnancy rumors. After all, the photo is just of her and Sam, so why would she say "babies" instead of "baby"? And it's totally possible that she's just sticking her stomach out to balance her little guy on her chest, but it does look like she has a good start to a baby bump going on there. 

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  • Commenters jumped in right away to speculate on Jill's reproductive status.

  • Sam is just seven months old, and considering that Jill had complicated emergency C-sections with both boys (after attempting a VBAC with Sam), she might have been advised to wait awhile before having another baby. Then again, the Duggars famously don't believe in birth control, so ... she totally could be pregnant again.

  • Derick didn't help matters with this photo he posted last week.

    Yup, those would be prenatal vitamins in the background there. As far as we know, Jill is still nursing Sam, so she may be taking them for that, instead of a pregnancy. Or maybe she's just taking them like a normal multivitamin? It's not like you're not supposed to take them unless you're pregnant. 

    While there does seem to be some evidence that Jill is expecting baby number three, we're going to take it with a grain of salt until she officially announces it. After all, she's never been shy about letting us know she's pregnant pretty much from the moment she sees two lines on the test stick. 

  • There have also been reports that Jessa and Ben Seewald are expecting their third as well.

    According to a Duggar insider on Reddit this week, Jessa is "preggers" and already has a "noticeable baby bump." They are already parents to Spurgeon, 2, and Henry, 1. Three under three sounds like a handful, but we have no doubt Jessa will do just fine -- if she really is expecting again, that is.