17 Times Kim Kardashian Looked Less Than Perfect

Kayla Boyd | Feb 20, 2018 Celebrities
17 Times Kim Kardashian Looked Less Than Perfect
Image: Jaxson/Splash News

kim kardashian
Jaxson/Splash News

Although it seems like Kim Kardashian looks perfect ALL the time, even she has her moments. Of course no one is perfect, but celebrities like Kim Kardashian are known for looking smoking hot 24/7. However, it's only human to have some of those awkward, off-guard moments! Thanks to the paparazzi constantly following her around, Kim surprisingly has many. It's okay, Kim -- it happens to the best of us!

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Of course, Kimmy is a beautiful woman and we are not shaming her in any way, but sometimes we can't help but find comfort in the fact that even the biggest celebrities are actual human beings. We've all had those awkward selfies or family photos where we're caught mid pose or in a halfway blink -- and that includes Kim. 

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Whether she's talking to someone, adjusting her outfit, or flipping her hair, sometimes Kim looks a little less than perfect -- just like the rest of us! Here are 17 images where Kim wasn't exactly camera ready.

  • "Excuse Me?"

    kim kardashian
    BG005/Bauergriffin.com/Splash News

    Kim is looking a little confused. Maybe they didn't have what she was looking for? 

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  • "This Wind Is Messing Up My Weave."

    kim kardashian
    Jaxson/Splash News

    Everyone freeze! The queen has to fix her hair! 

  • *Mid Hair Flip*

    Jaxson/Splash News

    Hair flips don't always look glamorous. Sometimes they can get pretty awkward. 

  • "Hey Girl, Hey."

    Neil Warner/Splash News

    Kim looks like she ran into one of her friends -- while casually strolling around in her luxurious fur coat. Hey girl! 

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  • "Maybe These Sleeves Are Too Long?"

    Jaxson/Splash News

    She's looking a little unsure right here. Our guess is she's wondering how she's going to hold anything with her hands covered up like that. 

  • "Why Does Everything Have to Happen to Me?!"


    Kim's crying face is pretty iconic, so of course it had to be included! It's so meme-worthy that she even made it into a Kimoji. 

  • "Hmmm."

    kim kardashian
    KCS Presse/Splash News

    Kim could just be scratching her chin because it itches. But, she could also be debating what she wants to eat for lunch.

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  • "It's Way Past My Bedtime."

    kim kardashian and kris jenner
    Pap Nation/Splash News

    Kim was caught yawning while watching her sister Kendall Jenner walk in a fashion show during New York Fashion Week. Hey, being a mom and a celebrity has to make her exhausted! 

  • "Are You Sure These Leggings Are See-Through?"

    kim kardashian
    Ouzounova/Splash News

    We wonder if Kim knew that she was wearing completely sheer leggings? She's certainly questioning someone about something important. 

  • "Really?"

    kim kardashian
    Said Elatab/Splash News

    Kimmy is looking a little irritated. Maybe she's over all the cameras being in her face -- we definitely wouldn't blame her. 

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  • "OMG!"

    kim kardashian and kendall jenner
    Jawad Elatab/Splash News

    We're not really sure if Kim is just talking or if she saw a ghost. But, she looks pretty surprised about something. 

  • "Am I Covered?"

    kim kardashian
    Pepito/Splash News

    Kim is obviously no stranger to revealing outfits, but we're pretty sure she didn't want her breasts showing in this particular moment. Hopefully she has some tape holding that trench coat up!

  • "Is That My Ex?"

    kim kardashian
    Nancy Rivera/Splash News

    A very wide-eyed Kim looks pretty caught off guard. We wonder who she saw? 

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  • "Hold on, Let Me Pose."

    kim kardashian
    Jason Winslow/Splash News

    The selfie queen was in the midst of being camera ready. This halfway pose is a little awkward though. 

  • Slight Wardrobe Malfunction

    kim kardashian
    Jackson Lee/Splash News

    Although Kim isn't afraid to show off her curves, we don't think she was expecting that much side boob to hang out. She was caught in an awkward adjustment while out in Miami. 

  • "Shhhh."

    kim kardashian and north west
    Christopher P/Splash News

    The paparazzi better not wake up North! Although this isn't Kim's most flattering facial expression, it's certainly relatable for plenty of moms out there! 

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  • "I Love Being Me."

    kim kardashian and khloe kardashian
    Pap Nation/Splash News

    Kim is famous for a good hair flip. She is clearly living her best life. And we're sure Khloe is listening to whatever Kim is talking about ... 

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