Fans Are Ripping on Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar's 'Date Night'


Get ready, Michigan! The Duggars are coming for you. Well, at least Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are coming to host a romantically religious (religiously romantic?) Valentine's Day dinner. The parents of 19 will be at Grove Bible Church in St. Johns, Michigan, on February 14, and if you have the funds to cover dinner, you're invited.

  • The couple announced the event on the family's Instagram page, and added the caption, "You won’t want to miss this great event!"


    The details are all there, including who to call, and how much to pay. $15 gets you access to the TLC stars, dinner, and if a you're female who has procreated (or plans to in the future, ostensibly), there's also a Q&A with Michelle earlier in the day.

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  • It didn't take long for critics to hop into the comments. A lot of people seemed pretty upset that they were charging for the event.


    One person even went so far as to call JB and Michelle "un-Christian," which seems pretty silly, to be honest, since the cost of food needs to be covered. They aren't charging people to "go to church," it's just to cover costs. Factor that in with whatever speaking fee the Duggars are garnering (this is literally their job -- being public figures), and we'd be willing to bet Grove Bible Church won't even break even with the event.

  • Aside from the cost, other people had issue with the topic itself.


    Michelle has famously said that a wife's duty is to sexually satisfy her husband. In a 2015 blog post, she wrote, "You've got to remember this. Anyone can iron [his] shirt, anybody can make lunch for him. He can get his lunch somewhere else. But you are the only one who can meet that special need that he has in his life for intimacy. You're it."

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  • Other fans just poked fun at the Duggars' strict dress codes and their ban on alcohol.


    Another commenter added that they might be banned by front-hugging someone. The Duggars famously participate in side-hugs only, as to avoid any contact whatsoever, even fully clothed, of breasts against a male chest. 

    Of course the Duggars can do what they want, including hosting a "romantic" Valentine's Day dinner for couples at a church in Michigan. They just shouldn't be surprised when they get ripped to shreds for it. 

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